Sunday, December 19

Your Christmas Wish List (Part 2)

On with the Christmas wish lists for my regular commenters, these weren't quite as easy as my first 'victims' so lets see how I go.

First up, Vintage Christine. Now this is a lady who I think has a LOT of stuff,  but I'm sure she'd welcome a Roger Gallet vintage soap to add to her collection.
Along with a mid-century Japanese pedestal soap dish.
Now of course a virtual gift to Vintage Christine just wouldn't be right without some glass. How about this Fenton satin finish silver crest vanity set, Charleton handpainted of course!
I'm thinking Chris might actually NOT have this one, as it's appaerntly quite rare.

Now to Vix. Practically legenday in my mind by now, said young lady is away on a well-deserved holiday at the moment (she doesn't tell you, but she actually works incredibly hard), but I don't think she'll mind waiting until she gets back to see this.

Fab green crimplene maxi, all glittered up ready for the party season. I doubt that Vix would mind adding this to her well-stocked (or should I say overstocked?) wardrobe.
And because of course there's no such thing as too many shoes, I'm sure Vix would appreciate this addition to her shoe collection.

Now for Delia, of Dee Dees Retro Vintage Delights. The lady in question has not long started sewing and likes aprons I think, so this fab 50s apron pattern might be a winner.

I bought this 50s cowl-neck brocade wiggle dress just recently, pity this is only a virtual gift as I think it'd look fab on Dee Dee!


Penny Dreadful said...

Great picks again, the green crimplene is just right for Vix.

Helga! said...

Yes,you've got Vix spot on!!
That wiggle frock is seriously pretty!!
I've just slept for 10 hours-yay!
XXX have a fab day,lovey!
PS-a parcel you say!?OOOO...shivers with antici....pation!!!

delia hornbook said...

ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh bless you thank you thank you that made my day ;-)) I adore the wiggle dress its stunning and when i saw the 50's aprons i wanted to remove them from the screen ;-)) Im really touched you should mention me and give me this gorg virtual gift. Have a super christmas, hugs Dee x

theoldboathouse said...

Love that dress...I can so see you in it! Xx katherine

Calamity Jem said...

That is so random, I tried to win a green dress with gold sequin trim on eBay the other day but didn't :(
I think Vixy would look mighty fab in that crimplene number especially teamed with those uber-funky clogs.
Lot's of love,

Misfits Vintage said...

Kitty - you know everybody so well and you have chosen such beautiful and thoughtful virtual gifts. I hope we'll get to see you modelling that gorgeous wiggle dress! Sarah xxx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, both those dresses are lovely. Vix will look fab in the green one. I love the colour! I did a post on green a while back you might like xx