Tuesday, November 9

New Stuff! New Skills! Woo Hoo!

I taught myself a new skill today! And its computer-related! Joy!

This may not be so exciting for others, but it is for me, being that my computer skills are, erm, pretty basic, and I loathe learning new things.

 Just on the day I needed to, I clicked something by accident and somehow taught myself how to put words on photos- It's a miracle, I tell you! The pic below is how the pics were going to look, before my new-found geekery.

I, amongst others, was asked to put together a few photos for TVMs special Christmas Gift Guide, complete with label, price and item title.

You may remember me mentioning TVM- it's the fashion market that was rained out horribly a few weeks ago ... but this month we had a lovely day, albeit very hot, with a record number of stallholders and huge buyer attendance.

So I've put together a few of my latest finds, and reserved them specially for TVM-ers next month. But you, dear blog readers, get the first peek at my latest buys :)


Vintage Vixen said...

Get you adn your geekiness! You've done a fab job. What gorgeous things, I love everything. xxx
PS Did you use Photobucket?

Kitty said...

No, Irfanview. I looked at Photobucket once but I couldn't cope with the learning curve.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Wow that photo of your rings is amazing!

If not for a dedicated person, sitting down and teaching me the ever complex program photoshop, over several years, which has a huge learning curve, I could have never done it.

Congrats on adding text!

Helga! said...

Awesome,blossom! Everything I sort of know about computers was leant by accident or trial & error!! It's fun!
Fecking fab pix of fab stuff! Those SUNGLASSES! Swoon.Great colours,and the basket makes an excellent prop!
O,that frock is to die for,too!