Sunday, November 14

Crimplene Corner

This past week has been a very busy one, with a market, an 'away' fair and lots of online stuff happening. The tiredness, of course, is compounded by our summer heat...let's just say I now have a peeling forehead, aargh!

I managed to sneak in some buying though, and snapped up these fabulous lengths of 70s crimplene.

I can see a short-skirted suit in this one.

And a classic maxi from this!

Lots of girls could accessorise this fabric to the max, it's just screaming for loud jewellery.

Even though this is the typically heavy-weight crimplene, it's still been selling here this summer..maybe the sewers of Brisbane have been getting more groovy lately?!

I waved goodbye to this one today....

Which is your favourite???


Sarsaparilla said...

Thanks for stopping by today and leaving such good advice! And I visited you on eBay today! I'd love to have that lot of vintage fabric - but everyone else seems to want it too!

Helga! said...

The second and last pieces are my faves!! They are rather fabulous,though!Crimplene!!Adore it!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

The zig-zag one is my favourite. Crinmplene is fab to work with, love it. xxx

sacramento said...

I love the purple one, and the blue with lilac flowers.
Thank you for your lovely commnents, and for being there my friend.
Un abrazo from Spain.

Mrs Cleaver said...

I'm with Helga,i love the 2nd & last ones the best.I love crimpelene it's just so easy to wear & it always looks groovy:D

Misfits Vintage said...

I love the blue and red ones - I am totally going through a red, white, blue phase right now! The floral one pretty fab too! Sarah