Wednesday, November 24

Lunch Date

Early this morning I received a large parcel from darling Vix, containing lots of goodies for VB & me- joy!

And how did she time it's arrival so well?? I was literally on my way out the door when my parcel boy came a-knockin', but in a moment I daresay Vix would be proud of, I opened the parcel and pulled out a dress so fab I just had to change my outfit completely!

I was on my way out to lunch at Brunswick Heads with a bunch of girls to celebrate Sue's birthday...actually the rest of the girls are staying a few days, and I know exactly what state they'll be in by now- a very trashy one!

The dress is a fab 70s crimplene and it's SUCH a perfect fit, I love it! Luckily we haven't had much of a summer this year so it was cool enough to wear it today (only just, mind). I accessorised it with all red pieces, as I'm so the matchy-matchy type.

We had a great day shopping, drinking and lunching, I wish I could have stayed longer. Thanks to Sue for taking these photos and for lending me her car for the day-much as I love my van, it just doesn't compare to a low-slung, road-huggin' BMW roadster on any a long drive.

Thank you so much Vix darl, I love everything! Will show more soon.xx.


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh My God! You look so hot in that frock! I thought it was you the seond I spotted it (ha, geddit?) it's like the 1950's meets the 1970's.
A low-slung BMW Roadster? Bring it on. xxx

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

It does look 1950's with that fab polka-dot pattern. I love it! Matched with red it's the perfect combo. =D

Helga! said...

You look hot to trot in that delicious frock,Kitty! hurrah for matchy matchy-I would have accessorised with red too!
Hope you didn't get too trashed and fall over exposing your knickers to the world!! o,actually,that would be pretty good!!
Va va VOOM baby!!!
(Vix has the BEST taste!)

Mrs Cleaver said...

Wow!Aren't you the sexy mama!? The dress is fab ,Vix has great taste,it suits you to a t.The red accessories are perfect:)

Vintage Christine said...

Hot mama going on big time!!! You look fab! Was wondering if the sunnies ever made it to you? Cheers!!

Marella said...

Amazing style! I love your blog, following! Follow back? Kiss

delia hornbook said...

I am so glad you stopped by my blog and became a follower or i wouldn't have found yours and i love it 50's retro heaven a women after my own heart and another red head as well ;-)) that dress is gorg and you look stunning in it love the red accessories as well. I will be back real soon. Take care Dee ;-)