Friday, November 26

More Treasures

Showing off some more of the treasures sent to me by the ravishing Vix!

And look look look she's sent me a barkcloth carry bag she's made herself, lined with a shower curtain (I think-correct me if I'm wrong Vix) so its waterproof. That's going to become my bag to take into deceased estates, so I'll no longer have the problem of anyone stealing things from 'my pile' while my back is turned. I love the 50s poodle scarf and lipstick holder, they'll definitely be in use very soon.

A fab 50s celluloid brooch, a bit similar to one I bought a while ago.

Uber-kitsch Viking bar man....pity he doesn't actually walk to the fridge for me, isn't it?

Close-up of the swirly plastic vintage beads. I have a secret plan for these, I'll show you when I get around to it.

VB snapped this morning wearing the kid-sized vintage sunnies. She's clutching a box of hair accessories there, it's a bit hard to see but I'd put her hair in bunches this morning and whenever I do that she just takes off with the box- today the box had to come all around the supermarket with us!


Vintage Vixen said...

Hoorah! VB looks so cool in her sunnies.
Glad you like everything. Can't wait to see what you've got in store for the beads. xxx

Helga! said...

I got the most FANTASTIC hand made bag too! I've got it pegged for opshopping and possibly groceries!! She's a clever possum! Such lovely treats,and doesn't VB look a darling with her bunches and funky vintage sunnies!!

theoldboathouse said...

What a super cutie!!

sacramento said...

Isn´t she pretty???? On her way to be a fashion goddess.

Mrs Cleaver said...

What a fab lot of goodies!VB looks super cute in her little outfit,the sunnies look adorable!