Tuesday, November 2

A Fair-y Good Time Was Had By All!

It was frantic, crazy-busy, fantastic...and all of that! See the official photo album on Facebook.

Lots to see, lots to buy, friends to catch up with, buyers to chat to, the BVFF (as its known) is always my favourite and by far the most exciting fair I do.

Actually it's now the BVFDF, which stands for for 'Brisbane Vintage Fashion & Decor Fair'.

These first few shots are all from my tables. I made sure to run around and take some photos before we started.

I went heavy on the feathers this time around, so along with the feather hats, I hung six vintage feather boas from the restored birdcage holder I showed you a couple of posts ago.

I also went heavy on the crystal, which proved to be a winner.
Which I was glad about, as of course it's very time-consuming to unpack and re-pack, not to mention heavy!

Along with my new range of vintage sterling/onyx/marcasite jewellery, I packed my small display case with lots of sparkly rhinestone pieces. The red things you can't quite see underneath are branch coral necklaces.

This is my favourite of the small few costume brooches I took along.

My patterns and fabric in their special stand. I don't know what the sign was originally advertising, I just love the logo regardless. The lady in the background is Becci, with whom I was sharing space. It was only her second-ever fair, and her first BVFF. How cute is the 50s quiff in her hair!

This is most of our stand. We had so much stuff I couldn't fit it all into one shot...

BVFF part 2 coming soon!


Penny Dreadful said...

Was this the fair at Eagle Farm? My friend went to it! Very exciting to see all these things going on when I am on the other side of the world. The stand that the crystal glasses are sitting on is lovely.


Kitty said...

Yep thats the one! Have a look at the pics on Facebook, they're really good.

St├ęphanie said...

So nice !!!

Helga! said...

O!!! It looks amazing!! So many delightful yummies!!Look forward to the next installment!!

sacramento said...

How wonderful. I wish I was there. And that is coming from the bottom of my heart. Nothing I like better, yeahhhhhhhhhhh.
Love your pics. For a moment I transport myself to your stand, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Dream, dream...
Looking forward to see some moreeeeeeeeeeee.

Vintage Vixen said...

How did I miss this? Love all the bling and the sparkly glasses. I used to have that red set but I think they've all smashed now. xxx

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

Hi Kitty, I saw your comment of sacramento's blog today and had to check out your blog. I totally relate to your comment... wanting to wear tees and shorts all the time. That's what my blog is about: mommy trying to look stylish.
love your stuff. do you sell online?

Kitty said...

Soccermom, yes I do sell online but what I list is mostly homewares and furniture. My ebay i.d. is kitty_cat.123

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

I was admiring your sparkly rhinestones, they are beautiful. it's ok, kitty, i'd imagine the shipping is high anyway from Australia.
I'll visit your ebay