Sunday, November 7

BVFF Part 2

The morning after the night before!

How cute is this Monroe-print circular plastic box bag?! Such a great piece.

The BVFF is the only vintage fashion fair in southeast Queensland to have a best-dressed-in-vintage competition. (We also have a licensed bar and swing band which is pretty cool). The winner gets $200 in vouchers to spend at the fair, second prize is $100 and third prize is $50. Not bad, huh?
These 2 girls won, and spent their vouchers with me which meant I got the chance to have a chat with them.

 They each made these costumes themselves, including the bustle and corsetry. Apparently they have many such costumes which they mostly use in period re-enactments. Awesome!

This guy had the look!

I like the odd Lea Stein piece, and I certainly appreciate how collectable most of it is. Great colours in this one!

Deco-style jewellery props with beautiful bangles.

1920s celluloid dance purse (compact) with original silk tassels. As both a compact collector and a lover of early plastics, I had to have a stern talk with myself in order to walk away from this one!

First public outing for this 40s dress, and my hair wasn't too bad either!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Gee looks like so much fun! Hope you did well...

La Dama said...

oh how fab..looks like alot of look beautiful hu.

Vintage Vixen said...

You should have won best in show, you look amazing. xxx

Helga! said...

How hot do you look?! Freat outfit,and those glasses are to die for!
What a brillant vintage fair!So many yummies!!!

Mrs Cleaver said...

The fair looks wonderful,i wish i could have gone.Your outfit is awesome & your hair looks fab!
You must have a lot of will power to have talked yourself out of buying that compact,it is gorgeous!