Thursday, November 18

Big News!! Pay Attention!!

Have I used enough exclamation marks yet! I don't think so!

Because this post is to announce the biggest news EVEEEER!!!

On February 21 next year, in equal partnership with my good friend Sue, I am opening a shop!

It's located at Tamborine Mountain, about a 50 minute drive from home.

The Mountain, as it is known, is located on a plateau 600 metres above sea level and is a small town of approx. 6000 people.

Shrouded in lush rainforest, it's an incredibly beautiful place and a major tourist mecca. It boasts all sorts of boutique shopping, wineries, B&Bs, wedding reception places, bush walking trails, waterfalls & health spa places.
And as a lovely bonus, its nearly always 5 or so degrees cooler than the rest of southeast Queensland-joy!

I went up to the mountain today to do a few shop-related errands with Sue....and just to have a day out. Being so high up, sometimes the clouds really roll through, as you can see in the above pic which I took today.

And this is the shop! Closed today, as its currently only open Friday to Sunday, but we'll be opening 6 days a week. It's been an established antique shop for over 15 years, so we're not exactly starting from scratch.

Obviously I couldn't take any decent photos today, but I'll show you the inside closer to our opening date. It looks very small here but really it's not.

Being that the shop used to be a house, we have a verandah front and back and 4 or 5 rooms sizeable rooms inside. We also have lock-up, waterproof storage rooms underneath- extra joy!

This type of shop will be ideal to showcase our variety of stock. I'll be selling vintage clothing, hats, jewellery and vanity accessories in one room, the lounge room will be Art Deco, the kitchen will house our enormous stockpile of vintage and antique kitchenalia, plus we'll have a variety of vintage, retro and Art Deco furniture dotted throughout.

Street shot, a few km's down the road from the shop. This will be the peaceful view on my way to and from the shop, on the 2 days per week I'll be working.

Suburbia, mountain-style. This is as built-up as it gets! Nice, huh?

Notice how all the houses are set back from the road? That's pretty much the mountain streetscape style, so our shop fits in perfectly well.

And this is my latest vintage dress, on its first outing today. It's a lightweight 70s polyester which would normally be way too hot for this time of year...but as we really haven't had summer yet (it was only 23 degrees today!!) it was just right for today.

Worn with my lovely bakelite & lucite rod bracelet....

It was nice to be a little bit dressed up for a change- I haven't had much opportunity to do so lately. Just too busy!

I'm sure I have lots more to tell you about the shop, but I can't think of it all just now....


fabriquefantastique said...

I'll drop bu if I am ever in that never know!!!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Congrats!!! =D

Vintage Vixen said...

That's so exciting! Want a saturday girl? I make great tea.
Your frock is fabulous. xxx

Helga! said...

Hey gorgeous!!!
EEEEEK!!! I'm so thrilled that you are going to get that puppy off the ground so soon!!!Yay!!!
OMG! I want to come and shop!I've heard a bit about Tambourine Mountain before,and thought it sounded lovely.Great location!! EEEK!
Fab frock,sweets!Jealous!Looks awesome on you!And loving your purty smile!

Mrs Cleaver said...

How exciting!!Congratulations:)My hubby & i were married on Tambourine Mountain & i used to live & work at the bottom in a nursery so i know it well.It's a beautiful place,how wonderful you get to have a shop there.
If i'm ever up that way again i will be sure to drop in.
Btw i love that second pic of you ,you look lovely:)

Ross and Eva Heath owners of Heaths Old Wares and Collectables said...

Congratts to you!! Go Girls....Mt Tambourine is just such a beautiful place, I love stopping in at Canungra on the way. Ross & I look forward to visiting your new establishment. cheers eve

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely, positive comments. It's hard to put into words how excited I am.

Vix- YOU'RE IN!!! But I'm afraid its champagne-only darling :)

Eve- I'll be in touch re; sending you an invite to our opening party.

sacramento said...

Love the location, the building, the idea...wowwwwwwwwwww. Will you be selling only clothes or everything????
I wish you good, good luck my friend.

Sarsaparilla said...

What a fabulous shop and gorgeous setting! I'm very happy for you. You said it doesn't look very big...but it looks HUGE to me. What are you going to be selling?

You are absolutely darling in that dress! I'm new to your blog, so it's so nice that now I'll be able to picture your smiling face when I'm writing to "Kitty."