Monday, October 18

The F Words


And any other f-words you may care to add. Between the recent bag-o-shite weather and my illness, I've been adding them here and there, I can assure you. It finally stopped raining a couple of days ago, which has allowed me to get a bit more work done on my recent furniture finds.

I hope I don't have to deliver this 8-seater tiled table, it wasn't too easy getting it out of the van by myself! I guess someone who's into shabby chich/French farmhouse will love this and snap it up.

This is what the other side of my yard has looked like for the past couple of days.

On the table is the base of that coolie chair I mentioned a while ago, now almost finished. I stripped it back properly, primed it and gave it several coats of paint. Next to it is a lampshade for a 50s/60s Nowegian floor lamp which I'll show you later.

The white rocking chair has been the bane of my life for weeks. It's nearly finished now but has taken so many coats of paint I'm beginning to wonder if it's part sponge.

This cane stool is one of a pair...and sanding it by hand has NOT been fun. I'm not even going to start doing the second one until the skin on my fingers goes back to normal. (Note to self- buy some bloody gloves).

This metal thing which you can't see too well is an old birdcage holder. I was very pleased to find this last week, as I've been looking for one for quite a while. As you can see it's very rough, the above photo taken after the first attack with paint stripper. Over the next couple of weeks it'll require a fair bit more work, and will eventually be painted dark gold and will be used at my next vintage fashion fair to display one of my latest finds- a stash of 1960s feather boas.


Vintage Vixen said...

I'm particularly loving the top two chairs! I've got quite a few lying around the garden in various stages of decay, I dread someone falling through the bottom of one.
Can't wait to see the coolie chair in it's restored glory. There was a kiddie one at saturday's jumble sale, they only wanted 50p for it but I didn't reckon I could get it in an envelope and send it over. xxx

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

People used to pay big bucks for that chippy white paint not too long ago... Maybe they still do? You know, shabby chic and all. Do you have to refinish everything or can you sell it 'shabby chic'?

Helga! said...

O dear,the labour involved!But they've look spiffy when done!!That table is quite appealing!

Helga! said...

O,Kitty,where for art thou Kitty?! Hope you're ok! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx