Wednesday, August 4

New Treasures

Can you believe this is all I bought at the fair?! Total spend, $20. I'd have liked to have found more fun bangles like these, but they just weren't there this time.
BUT- my new gloves finally arrived, yay! I have such long fingers that I don't fit into standard gloves. And as a vintage seller, I come across gloves a lot. So I had 2 pairs custom made.
The fingers are a bit big, which I'm not happy about, but hey- I now have gloves that fit.

Apologies for the all-over-the-place look of the last couple of posts. I'm still using IE8 for blogger and am still at the battlefront with it. My photos go wherever they want to. Grrr.
Naturally I just borrowed some jewellery from my stock for these pics. Why not?
I don't know when or where I'll wear these yet...I just wanted gloves. A night at the opera? Maybe!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ahhh beautiful. I think long gloves are the most elegant thing...

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oh I have the exact opposite problem to you, my fingers are so short and I have such small hands that even small gloves are too long in the fingers!

Helga! said...

Ooo,how chic! I have a few pairs of gloves but rarely wear them as I can't be arsed taking off my rings!
However,I have a gorgeous frock Vix sent me that is crying out for gloves,so I think I'll have to do that over the weekend!!
That stock of jewellry is to DIE for!