Thursday, July 29

More Choice Fashion Finds

After battling with blogger all day, I'm finally getting a post happening. It ended up being a browser 'issue'. Grr.

So if this post ends up looking weird, IE8, which I hate, is to blame. I think its going to bunch the text up or something.

So- on with the show!

70s napped felt hat, which some may call a pimp hat, he he.

Lovely 70s tooled leather handbag.

As a rule I'm not one to like these but I do like this.

I very nearly didn't buy it, but am now glad I did as it's so much nicer in person (and cleaned).

As an avowed smoker, I have a real thing for smoking paraphernalia.

I fully intend to have a collection of fabulous cigarette holders one day, but of course I only want the expensive ones, so for the moment that particular collection is on hold.
These 2 are repros, which I don't usually like to sell, but with a certain few items it's the only way to go. The originals are out of most peoples price range, and I've found that people are just as happy with a stylish repro when purchasing an item for use rather than a collection.
A very fabulous hat.
Vintage glass beads.
No, VB does not come to the fair. But the basket next to her does, because its chock full of vintage fabric. She took a fancy to the basket tonight, lugged it into the lougeroom, and wouldn't let it out of her sight. It even had to go into the bathroom with her while she was in the bath. Here she is pre-bath, wearing my winter slippers and munching on teriyaki rice crackers. I'm determined to turn her into a spicy food lover!


Vintage Vixen said...

I have a hat very similar to the top one, I love it even more now you've called it a Pimp hat (makes a change from looking like a hooker).
The tooled leather bag is gorgeous, I can't resist a tooled leather bag as you'd know if you ever riffled through the wardrobe.
A spicy snack eater with an eye for vintage fabric, VB not only has my initials but my habits, too. xxx

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

How funny the tooled leather bags are back in vogue. Used to see tons of these at thrift shops, and they couldn't give them away.

I used to have one back in the day. They DO last!

The jeweled cig holder is fab!!

Helga! said...

I'm really digging tjhat tooled leather handbag,lovey!!I have several!