Sunday, June 20

Saturday is Fair Day

Well, this week it is! I had a small vintage fashion fair to do yesterday so I've a few goodies to show you. Firstly, a few shots from my main table..

These 'fascinator' hats are new, and were made specially for me in the UK
Lots of sparkly costume rings!
60s mod wicker bag and sunnies with green glass lenses
Crocodile skin shoes from Hong Kong, mixed in with some other newer boots. This is the only fashion fair which doesn't restrict one to vintage-only, so I took a mixture of stuff.
People always love this sign! I won't sell it though, it's a great conversation starter and always gets a laugh. You may also wonder what I bought. Not a lot this time, as I was by myself so couldn't look around much.

Bought these 2 green and white plastic bangles, which will go with a couple of greenish dresses I have. (more outfit posts coming up soon!)
Also this asymmetrical plastic polka dot bangle. I wish it were bakelite.
Find of the day were these 7 1940s 'Picturegoer' magazines. They date to 1941, 1946 and 1949.
I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, but I just love them! Have I used enough exclamation marks today!!
Excellent wartime ad. I love stuff that relates to war-time shortages and hardships- it really brings it home to me how good life is now and how spoilt we are these days. And how much hardship our forebears went through to make life easy for us. All these mags are in great condition too. I'm having a mini-run on vintage magazines lately, which is cool. I love seeing my grandmothers face light up when I show them to her, because she remembers them all. She gets to read them all before I sell them.
Last but not least, a pic from a small article introducing Ingrid Bergman as a 'star of the future'. From one of the 1941 mags.


Vintage Vixen said...

What finds! How lovely to share the magazines with your Grandmother, I bet that look her mind off things for a while.
I love your stall, I'd love to have a rummage!

Helga! said...

That mod bag & glasses!Divine!!
Great scores,lovey!The bangles are so funky,and love those magazines!!
Re previous post-LOVE that 70's frock!!!! WOW!!