Tuesday, June 15

Art Deco Attractions

A small few very special Art Deco pieces to show you today. I'll show more next time I *ahem* tackle my stockroom, but for now you're seeing whats close at hand.
Do you love this piece or what?! It's my personal favourite, which is why I bought it for myself and currently have it displayed prominently on my dressing table.
It really did not photo up well at all because of all the reflection. Eagle eyes will see that its also a lamp, which does in fact work, I just need a shade for it. (Suggestions welcome).
The condition is fair to good only. Even so, when complete, it would sell for at least $400 here.
I just love everything about this piece-the colour, the style, the bevelled details, the old Hollywood photos that came with it, and the almost-scottie-dog frame supports.
But the absolute clincher for me, was the original French sticker underneath.
This is really one of the most stunning Deco bakelite boxes I've ever had and the condition couldn't be better. I have a major thing for bakelite and a major thing for little boxes...enough said!
This is a manicure box. Look at the picture below and you'll see that the top section opens, revealing spaces for nailpolish bottles and related accoutrements.
The bottom section contains a drawer for nail files, etc. which slides out from one side.
Check out the fabulous floral relief which is on both sides.
Much as I love it, I can't keep everything. It will be sold within the next year sometime.
Different again, but another thing I covet and would love to keep...but won't. This dinky spoon set has everything I love- its sterling silver, has harlequin colours, 'coffee bean' bakelite knobs, proper enamelling and the original box. Hallmarked for Birmingham 1923.
Below you'll notice the spoons have rather a vermeil look to them. No photog. tricks here, they're as-yet uncleaned. As with many things they won't be cleaned until just before being sold.

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1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ooooooh soooooo beautiful!!

I have a deep passion for Art Deco. Have for many years. But alas have acquired very little in the way of Deco treasures simply because the cost was prohibitive. And my home is mid-century, not a charming 1930's bungalow like I'd preferred.

So, we make due, but I adore what you have.