Tuesday, December 4

Project Crazy

It was 42 degrees at my house today- yowza! This year we've had such a late start to summer I'd rather forgotten what it can be like. The kitchen lino was so hot I had to put shoes on to walk into the room. Crazy! Anyway-

Although I had to come inside and sit mending under the air-con for most of today, I have lately been working hard getting lots of furniture done before my big move. My projects always come second to the shop stock but not this month, for once everything *must* be done. Here are a few quick and easy ones that are finished.

Leopard cane armchair, mostly a clean and paint job. I'm currently working on a chaise longue in a similar style.

A cast iron shoe last, destined for use as a doorstop, had been hiding under my house since I moved in. A rusty beast which was a freebie off the side of the road, it got a firm attack with a metal brush, a few wipes down with turps and 3 coats of gloss black Killrust.

The second black and green chair (another freebie) has now been finished, and will make a fab addition to my workroom. Yes, I'm to have a proper workroom in the new house...can you see my happy dance?!

Two hoop pine 1930s kitchen chairs, gifted to me by my landlord. Excuse the bad pic, todays super-bright sun did the beautiful colours in these chairs no favours.

These will be my new kitchen chairs, now I'm on the hunt for a table to go with them. See my totorial on how to do these shabby chairs here.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love all these chairs, the last two especially, but the shoe last is a fabulous find. the weather sounds mad!

thorne garnet said...

Are you going to leave the 2 chairs like that? Beautiful cane chair.

Kitty said...

Yes the 2 chairs are actually finished :) you can't tell from the pics really but they have about ten coats of paint on them and the chips are well-sealed.

polkadotpeticoat said...

I adore your chairs but the last 2 are fabulous I would pop those in my home in a heart beat.
Can't wait to see your new kitchen someday.....when I had my shop years ago I use to order a lot of my enamelware from a lady in Denmark she would travel and collect it and I would buy it in huge lots from her.....you should ask some of your European bloggy friends to see if they could send you some, they can find it some what reasonable! Heidi

Vix said...

I love those chairs, they are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a retro kitchen.
42 degrees? It's struggling to reach 2 here, I'm so jealous. xxx

pastcaring said...

All of the chairs look fabulous, and the shoe last is great. Oh so hot - I wouldn't fare well in those temperatures... xxx

perfumehk said...

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delia hornbook said...

I love those 2 1930's chairs they look fabulous ;-) dee xx