Tuesday, September 4

Attention Brisbane Locals- Upcoming VINTAGE Events!!!

Just a quick post from me tonight...I'm busy preparing for these wonderful events!!

Our first-ever styling workshop!! So exciting!! Included is a wonderful homemade morning tea and punches, more fashion, makeup and hair styling and shopping advice than you can poke a stick at!!

I'll be revealing our special new technique for styling vintage classically and with modern, doing the print clash, looking beachy-keen and hot rockabiily momma!! No, I'm not telling, you just have to book and turn up!!

Only 5 places left btw!!!

The main event this week in Brisbane is of course the Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair, woo hoo!!

We'll be in our ususal spot in the Hall of Fame Room, over in the corner. We'll have lots of new stuff, lots of bargains, and-well- I don't want to spoil it, YOU JUST HAVE TO BE THERE!!


pastcaring said...

Since I can't be there (bit of a long way!) you will have to take lots of pics to show us! Hope it all goes well. xxxx

delia hornbook said...

Ohhh i so wish i could join you all ;-)) Have a fab time, dee xx