Tuesday, August 7

Kustom Kulture Girl....An Introduction


Kustom Kulture Girl is the project I've been beavering away at for the past couple of months.

Kustom Kulture Girl is all about vintage style stuff.

We're starting off with a range of limited-edition hair flowers and combs, all made by moi, and selected pieces of vintage furniture which have been completely reworked and are therefore totally unique.

I've started a separate Facebook page, so please go and 'like' it, I'll feel more popular if you do.

Here's a sample of our hair flower range.

I haven't made more than 3 of any one style, to me there's nothing worse than seeing yourself walking around!

Below is a couple of pics from our stall at Greazefest, a 3-day rockabilly weekender held this past weekend here in Brisbane.

Now don't be thinking Kustom Kulture Girl is some sort of replacement or displacement of our vintage...it's NOT!!!

It's a little sideline to complement our vintage wares. No matter which era of vintage you prefer or wear, a hair flower (or 10) will always work with your outfit.

This is the first-ever piece of Kustom Kulture Girl furniture. A 1930s silky oak dresser with leopard-print velvet skirt and matching boudoir stool.

For the KKG furniture I'm only using vintage furniture that can't be restored to the original. I come across so much stuff that's just a little too imperfect for the Tamborine shop.

For example, the 50s silky oak phone table below-it had a couple of water marks, but looking at it now you'd never know.

I've left the interior as-found, for one thing it had been heavily oiled, plus this way you can still see the lovely timber grain.

Next up I'll be doing a couple of bedside tables and an ironing board...I can feel some floral wallpaper, black gloss paint and cheetah print coming on!!! (But maybe not all on the same piece, 'kay?)

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Can you get a gold medal for watching more Olympics than anyone else??? Can ya????

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about a medal for watching the most Olympics than anything else. But gold, gold, gold to you for this new little sideline venture, what fun to add into the mix.

delia hornbook said...

aahhh how exciting ;-)) Love the flower slides there so pretty and i love the concept of rycling vintage furniture that dressing table looks gorgeous. dee xx

pastcaring said...

Ooh, nice little sideline you've got there, Kitty! Love the flowers, of course, and the upcycled furniture is fab too.
Hmm, there might be an Aussie/Brit showdown for that gold medal, I am loving the Olympics so much and watching as much as possible! Eldest is a big fan of both Jessica Ennis, cos she's our local girl, AND Sally Pearson, so there's no nationalistic bias in this house! xxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hey, congrats on the new venture. The flowers look great, it's hard to pick a favourite but I think I like the 6th photo down best - is it a fuchsia? Bet the furniture will be popular too but you'll definitely have to take on our family for that Olympics watching medal!

Kat said...

Yay! I have liked the facebook page and can't wait to see what else you create. That purple suede looking flower is gorgeous.

Helga! said...

Fabulous,sweetheart,FABULOUS! A perfect sideline,a nd the jazzed up furniture makes me PURR!Genius!
I'll like your Farcebook page when I get home,as I can't from work...which is obvs where I am,naughtily perving at you rather than working.....oooer missus.....


Vintage Coconut said...

Lovely hair flowers Kitty!
I am MAD over your re-vamped furniture. *SERIOUSLY* I want the leopard & the zebra and a cheetah elephant and giraffe! ;)
I enjoy watching the Olympics too. So much so I am way behind on one of my favorite shows. (Big Brother) haha

La Dama said...

Those flowers are lovely! perhaps you should model them for us.
In enamoured of all that furniture. Ay!! that leopard dressing table needs me.