Thursday, July 19

Local Artisan Feature: The Stitchin' Bitch

The Stitchin' Bitch is the name, and embroidery is the game.

Florence Broadhurst

With a wink to the sense of humour that our Grandmothers had behind closed doors, The Stitchin' Bitch takes the traditional craft of embroidery to wicked new heights.

Based in Brisbane, this craftswoman has an eye for design, a cheeky attitude to the traditions of the past, but a strong respect for the workmanship of the true artisan.

With over 20 years experience in the art of hand stitching, The Stitchin' Bitch uses cross-stitch, split-stitch, satin-stitch and many more to create unique pieces of art that will certainly become beloved heirlooms.

 Based on hand drawn images, subversive patterns and classic designs, The Stitchin' Bitch finds inspiration in vintage pin-ups, tattoos, graphic designs and more.

 If you can imagine it, The Bitch can stitch it!!

Prices vary depending on materials used, intricacy and time spent. 

Our gorgeous Chelsea Farrell is the bitch at the pointy end of this needle. (You may remember she modelled for us in our last fashion parade for the Garterbelts and Gasoline Rockabilly Weekender).

Chelsea is happy to collaborate with other artists, to turn your artwork into a piece of fabric art.

She loves stitching tattoos and pin ups, and recently completed a custom order of two personalised pin ups based on two Sydney based burlesque performers, Rita Fontaine and Cherry Lush.

Sailor Jerry Showgirl and the tattoo it's based on

Looking at Chelsea, would you guess she's been embroidering for over 20 years? First teaching herself cross-stitch at 15, using a kit given to her sister for Christmas (which, ermm, she has apparently never been forgiven for nicking!), she then honed and practised her skills using whatever cross stitch and long stitch kits she could lay her hands on.

Being taught to do split stitch was another step forward, and Chelsea has spent much time honing her split stitch skills over the past few years.

The business of The Stitchin' Bitch began life when Chelsea started doing little embroideries to give as birthday and Christmas gifts.

Commission for Queenies Tea House

Girls she worked with saw them and asked her to make some for them to buy as well, and it just grew from there.

These days Chelsea is flat out managing her full time day job and fitting Stitchin' Bitch work in around it.

Now focussing almost exclusively on split stitch designs which give more creative freedom, Chelsea often puts in 12 hour days on her days off and several hours per night to keep up with demand for her work.

The Bitch (who btw couldn't be less like a bitch if she tried), can be contacted through her facebook page at stitchin bitch.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

I LOVE these, especially the unicorn. I wonder if I can have a go...

pastcaring said...

Wow! Chelsea is THAT gorgeous and THAT talented? Some folk got it all!
She's one clever girl, love all the pin-up ladies. xxx


How wonderful.
I love embroidery . I leant when I was at school and haven´t stop ever since.
Great job Chelsea!!!

lady liquor vintage. said...

Haha, these are SO good! You definitely can't beat a bit of cheeky embroidery. XO

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work! You found a goodie for sure. Stitching is a lost art really. I hope she keeps at it.

delia hornbook said...

Wow those are brilliant love the vintage style lady ones. dee xx

Helga! said...

She's frigging BRILLANT!!! What a fabulous take on an old craft!!!

I love Florence Broadhurst's designs!!!!

Anonymous said...

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I love stiching. I've learned it in high school and I got hook. Its a loss art indeed only a few like doing it.

two squirrels said...

Oh she is one wonderfully talented and very pretty lady.
What a treat to have one of her works.
Have a fabulous weekend.
Love v

one denim bird said...

Oh god, I love them all - especially the TGIF one ;-)

Bella Q said...

She is gorgeous and talented isn't she? I love the FUCK CANCER piece!

La Dama said...

I want all the stichin bitch stuff, how amazing and gorgeous is she!