Monday, July 23

I See Red

New 50s red satin dress on it's first public outing a couple of weeks ago. I was photographed with local 50s (mega) enthusiast Lorraine Boss, who was coincidentally wearing a 50s dress bought from me last month.

While showing onlookers the size of the (massive) skirt, I was snapped for and published in the Weekend Edition online newspaper.

These were taken at the inaugural Brisbane edition of the Love Vintage Show and Sale, which proved itself to be a very busy if pricey vintage fashion fair.

I was there helping Lisa of Atomic Martini Vintage, luckily Sue and I decided to pass on selling at this fair as we have both been so ill these past few weeks that I doubt we'd have coped. Yes, I'm seeing red on the illness front too...there's no end in sight to my bronchitis but I'm over it!!

This back breaking wee 1940s velvet suite has me seeing red this week too...because it's now in my lounge room, yay!!

Casually snaffled at an auction for the price of a cheap cafe lunch while I was on the other side of town, this fabulous 3-piece suite is just what I'd been hoping to own one day...the day arrived sooner than I imagined, but who am I to argue with fate?

Dodgy iphone pics and imminent-necessary-steam-cleaning aside, don't you agree it's fab??

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: When I asked VB to 'pick a fresh movie' earlier this evening, as I was was sick to death of Mary bloody Poppins, she chose Sex and The City Series 4. THATS MA GIRL!!! Don't worry, she definitely can't understand it yet!

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thorne garnet said...

Sweet couch, looks like it's in really good shape. Lucky you. Useless Sex in the City info: My friend was Sarah Jessica's dresser/assistant on that show. He loved all the outfits.

brismod said...

You looked stunning in that red frock! Also what a find with the red velvet suite. Well done. xx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

LOVE the frock!

Anonymous said...

You two look fantastic together! I bet you're enjoying your new couch. I love it!!! Velvet furniture is my favorite!

polkadotpeticoat said...

You both look stunning and your couch is divine Momma!!

Vix said...

You look fecking gorgeous in red, I don't think I've ever seen you look lovelier! That settee is such a find, love the shape! x

Vintage Christine said...

I first saw your photos when you posted on Facebook but I saw them on my iPhone. Now I'm on the desktop with a big monitor and am loving the dresses, etc. all over again. The red is gorgeous and I'm just so in awe of Miss Lorraine who looks like such a proper 50's lady . . . with an armload of tattoos! Love it. And speaking of loving it, that sofa is faaaaaabulous, you lucky gal.

the old boathouse said...

Looking lovely. The couch is fabulous!! xxxKatherine

Helga! said...

EEEEEEK!!! And I was there when that divine frock arrived!! You look fecking fabulous in it!!!
That 3 piece is to die for!Fark me,I picture myself rolling a round on that in the future,o YES!
Good bloody score!
Bugger about being sick,I actually have had the flu jab 2 years running after a couple of years of bronchitis.I'm not a fan of jabs,but this one is proving to be a winner.
Yay VB,the gals got taste!

two squirrels said...

Oh kitty that is the most beautiful dress on you, you look stunning!!!!!! A wonderful red dress is a must in every pretty girls wardrobe.
The couch is so amazing!!!! Divine!!!!!
I am sending you a big furry squirrel hug and hope it helps you to feel better soon.
Love v

delia hornbook said...

Im so sorry you have been poorly i hope it passes soon for you. You look stunning in your red dress and so does the other lady. I am looking for a 50's dress for my hen night in November but i can't seem to find any or that are in my price range its very depressing. I would love to own an orignal one. Like you its a dream but one day ;-)) Your sofa is blinking gorgeous i love it and its such a warm rich colour. Enjoy it, dee xx

Melanie said...

Such a siren dress, ravishing in red. You in this dress need to be in the news! Those are two wonderful shots with closeup options even. And the furniture find is absolutely amazing. It was meant to be. I hope you get some lounging photos of you on it for your postings in the future... I want your bronchitis to GO AWAY!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Gorgeous dress (I love twirly skirts at the moment) and the sofa is most definitely amazing, fantastic shape and colour. Hope you kick the bronchitis out soon xx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous dress, (it twirls!) and pretty couch - lucky lady :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love your dress and now you have a suite to match it! I adore the red velvet, imagine all the evenings you could have lounging on it sipping cocktails

Penelope Cat said...

A beautiful dress and I love the sofa too - lucky you!

Nikki x

La Dama said...

You look beyond gorgeous in red!
you should wear red more often amor, brings out the fire in you.
That red velvet sofa is magnificently art deco elegance.
little VB has great taste.

Anya adores ☆ said...

Lovely lady in red, and the sofa is simply adorable,
Happy weekend