Tuesday, June 12

Crazy Flower Lady Shoes!!

You know crazy cat lady? I think you do.

Well, that's not me. But I might just be turning into crazy flower lady this week...the evidence below speaks for itself.

I thrifted these mini fur-lined wellies last week for $5. Even though I knew they'd be perfect for wearing during this latest bout of wet weather, I also knew they weren't quite right as-found.

Faced with a plethora of slightly mangled and/or VB-attacked flowers, rendered unsuitable for the making of hair ornaments, and a furry popping-up lining, I suddenly knew what these wee booties wanted.

A fair bit of sewing, made easy by said protruding lining....

Some serious glitterglue-ing...(don't get me started on how much I love this stuff just now, 'kay?)

I had even to dig out some beads from my old stash to ease the pain of the sewing...

Lucky it only required some basic hand sewing...anything with a machine is out of my league.

But I got there in the end, and now have an absolutely UNIQUE pair of booties to wear around. WINNING!

No pics of me in them just yet though, today has been a 'furniture day', I have lots to show you on that front soon, but it doesn't gel with outfits posts, right?!

Speaking of footwear, VB insisted I show you this pic of her, in her latest footwear. She's waving hello to you all.

Rough pic I know, but these are her latest faves, a new Superman suit (mind you she doesn't know what Superman is yet) and a pair of 70s roller skates, bought at the WAC from theoldboathouse on Sunday. (Thanks Katherine). They only come off for the bath and bed...so far. And no...she hasn't fallen over at all. More VB footwear coming up soon....she's scoring better than me at the moment!

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Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

These are brilliant, you need to team them with a fake flower bikini like Vix made and you'll be set whatever the weather!

Miss VB has some serious hipster style, very cute!

Thanks for linking up x

Vix said...

They would be brilliant with my bikini top,just add a fake fur and an umbrella and I'd be set for anything the English weather chucks at me!
Very jealous of VB's skates, I had a pair in the 1970s and loved them to death! x

polkadotpeticoat said...

Love the boots and she is adorable!!!

Secret Blogger said...

I soon as I saw them I thought of Vix!

I am jealous of VBs skates. I wanted some back in the day but wasn't allowed any. I had the red leather type that went over your shoe.


La Dama said...

Oooo I would love a whole outfit made of these gorgeous flowers.
I adore the turquoise bright color, I'm sure you will find a frock to match with.
VB skates!! she is adorable.
I seen some roller skates at the boot sale ,but shame all the sizes were for big duck feet.

Anonymous said...

These are just totally genius! Will you were 'em? (Very impressed if so)

I love the idea of blinging up a pair of wellies :)

Vintage Coconut said...

Very cool re-vamp to the boots. They do look like they would be quite comfy and keep the toes warm.

Little VB is so Awesome! The pic of her in the superman suit and roller skates is ADORABLE! Heck if she keeps wearing those skates in a couple years she could go pro or be a kick a$$ roller derby girl. ;)

Melanie said...

Those are the coolest rain boots I've ever seen! Inspired idea!

the old boathouse said...

Oh too cute!! I am so happy VB got the boots, I love the. Fluor pink.....will post a pic of some my niece just nabbed xx those flower power boots are insane ha I need a pic of you in them

delia hornbook said...

aahhh tell VB her roller boots are fab i had a pair of these when i was growing up and i still have them in the loft they are red and blue i used to live in them ;-)Love your flower boots there super cute ;-)) dee xx

pastcaring said...

And why aren't YOUR boots on rollers, Kitty?! Love your mad flowers, but you do need one of Vix's pimped up bikini tops to match now!
VB is a cutie pie. xxxxx

sharondraws said...

My daughter has just been through this phase of doing everything while wearing roller skates, lots of fun.