Friday, April 6

Reasons For Not Blogging, Part One

Was it Ian Dury who did that song, 'reasons to be cheerful, part one' ??

It's one I always remember, and have always liked. Am I the only person who thinks of an old song that kinda matches the circumstances of their life on any given day??

Regardless, it's Ian Dury who's hitting the high note for me this week.

I'm still beavering away on the 'secret project', (which, by the way, will be revealed in a few days' time). Until then, have a wee look -and maybe groan?- at the state of things and the sheer amount of vintage stuff under my house.

It's not often that I show pics like this, but I think once you've seen them you'll understand my relative absence.

My work table, yes, there's only just enough space for the stock book on one end. Katherine Boathouse, stop ya sniggering!!

VB of course thinks it's funny, the little bugger

Can you spot any treasures??

All will be revealed soon chicks, so stay tuned!!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

All sound very exciting!!

Butterfly said...

Hummm looks like my garage, lots of nice things to sell but not enough room to get in there & sort it out. it's a big job for a sunny Sunday!!Looking forward to your next post xx

lady liquor vintage. said...

Ooh, those stools looks amazing! XO

pastcaring said...

I'd like a rummage among all that stuff, Kitty!
Come on, come on - TELL!!
PS. VB looks adorable. xxxx

delia hornbook said...

I would love a look at those two 1950's pufs in the last photo do they have stars on the top? sounds very exciting look forward to hearing your news, dee x

Bella Q said...

The suspense is thrilling me!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I'd love a rummage in there. The little stools and the big (looks like orange) lamp shade. Nonetheless it would be fun to have a poke around.

polkadotpeticoat said...

I loved everything in your previous post....can't wait....

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I have no doubt how overwhelming it must feel to open your workshop door some days - look at those treasures, it's like Aladdin's cave!!!

Helga! said...

Sure was Ian Drury!!
Crikey,lovey,you have your hands full!In more ways than one,jusding by the comment you left at mine......SQUEE! It's made round to go round,yeaaaaaaaaah!!!

La Dama said...

Oh how exciting amor!!
You sure been a busy love bee.
VB is the cutest girl.