Monday, November 14

New to the Shop This Week....Thinking Thirties

Come on in, take a seat in our newest Deco club chair, and have a good look around!
Mind where you put your feet though; we're a bit precious about this wee Deco pouffe, so much so that it's not for sale just yet, we can't bear to part with it!

Deco dame Louise is freshly kitted-out in this exhibit-only 20s fringed flapper outfit. which is a sleeveless dress and top. We're slowly building a collection of exhibit-only vintage fashion encompassing all our favourite vintage eras, we'll show a few pieces here and there in our parades but the ultimate purpose of the collection has to remain secret a while longer, I'm afraid!
Lovely solid silky oak china cabinet with unsual fan-shaped mirro attached.

The mirror is not original but is very sympatheitc so we've decided to leave it as is.

Some bakelite-framed beauties

.....are always inspiring!

Beautiful 30s crepe dress which has the most intricate embroidery, horsehair shoulder pads

Engine-turned chrome dresser set

Lots of lamps, I love how Sue has hung some crystals here, just like on someone's dressing table at home.

Hand-embroidered soft silk purse, so gorgeous to touch

Ready for a cocktail yet, girls???

 Your choice of penguin shakers and cocktail cup!

Branching out into the ceramics now....

This one is particularly special, SylvaC numbered vase 1266, one of only 2 ever made so we feel rather privileged to have this one in stock.

The colours are as bright and beautiful as the day it was made in 1936.

50s chrome lady lamp with green slag glass shade. We always have a selection of deco light and lamp shades available, we have this particular shade in pink, blue and green at the moment.

And if all that shopping hasnn't made you feel like a princess, here's a vintage tiara to make sure you do :)


Nelly said...

I'll 'ave 'alf that stuff thanks luv!
Ill be taking the lovely picture ladies the lamps and the crown... well I wish I could drooling a little here lol

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Yup, I'm drooling too - all over the chair and ceramics. MMMmmmmmmmmm...... (not a pretty sight, sorry!).

pastcaring said...

Oh my word, Kitty, you have such beautiful things! I would love to have a wander round your wonderful shop in person, but the virtual tour will have to do...
Adore the cocktail sets, the cabinet with its add-on mirror, the chair and the frames. And the lamps. Oh I just love it all - you have a great eye for beauty! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

DearHelenHartman said...

Fell in love with the framed beauties, then the ceramics but my heart really went pitter pat over that vintage tiara.

polkadotpeticoat said...

I'm having a cocktail party on Dec.2 i WOULD BUY THAT IN A HEART BEAT.....and the green chair!
I also collect those vases...that one is spectacular!
What an inspirational post just what I needed today a eyeful of beauty!

Anonymous said...

Want want want! I love the china cabinet it's sooooo pretty! AND the lamps AND the tiara!! The shop looks beautiful :)

Vintage Coconut said...

I am always googling those glass shade lamps. GOD I LOVE THEM!
I am sure I have even dreamt about them.
Those bakelite frames are gorgeous and so are the woman pictured in them.

Bah you are always such a tease with all the lovely little things your shop holds.

delia hornbook said...

ooohh lovely art deco i have to say i love this period to and have a few art deco mirrors in my house such gorgeous shapes. Love the bakerlite frames and the cabinet with the fan mirror is gorgeous. And that chair oohhh i would love to curl up and crochet in that with a cocktail in my other hand ;-)) dee xx

lady liquor vintage. said...

gorgeous chair! your shop looks amazing!


Miss Claire said...

Oh the tiara is just divine! And I love the Bakelite frames...dreamy! xx

Louise said...

That green chair has a similar shape to my suite, and your deco dame has my name (yey that rhymes). I might just move into your shop, you can drape me with vintage fabulousness... I won't be any trouble, promise. :-)

La Dama said...

OMG!! I am drooling over the oak china cabinet. and bakelite beautys.
dress is simply divine with red gloves.Now,I want a vintage tiara!
can I live at your shop? I make you Mexi- food all day.

the old boathouse said...

Arrgh..that green club chair reminds me of two vinyl red deco club chairs with white piping I didn't buy once because the price was a wee bit high....they are one of the few things i regret not it all as always, xx Katherine

Helga! said...

Ooo,AHHHH! Pretties!
I'm always ready for a cocktail,darl!
Love that frock!Do you see much in big sizes?!

one denim bird said...

That silky oak cabinet is luverly! The fan shape mirror is totally YUM! Oh what goodies you have

sacramento said...

Gorgeous sight, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I am not very good at delegating, you know how it is..., but feeling very weak I have to. Nature has its own ways.
Much love my dear friend.

Vix said...

One day when I've come into masses of cash and buy the Deco apartment of my dreams on Marine Drive, Mumbai I'll fill it will green chairs and naked lady lights just like those. x

Mrs.M said...

Such lovely items! I love the cabinet with the fan mirror. It does go with the cabinet, so glad you kept it together. For some reason I cannot find your etsy shop, please tell me where.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love all the beautiful vintage pictures and clothes! =)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I wanna tiara! Waaaaaaaaaaah!! What an amazing mother-load of gorgeous stuff you've got going there love!! The deco cabinet and mirror has me melting as too do the bakelite-framed beauties - amazing!!!! xoxo

vintage_kitten said...

I want it all.Especially the cabinet.So breath taking.And the mirror looks good with it.