Sunday, July 24

New To The Shop This Week

Do you love these oversized martini glasses or what?! They are definitely one of my favourite new items this week.
60s fake fur coat

It has a fabulous neckline, I really love this style

Stand out from the crowd in these huge fluoro orange 60s sunnies

A collection of Iranian linens and bags
Brought back to Australia by a lady in the late 1970s

The suitcase tower has grown!
Who can guess what this is?

We always have a range of vintage Enid Blyton hardcovers in store


And meet the new girl!! As yet a nameless 60s babe, here she is by the front door doing her retro best to eclipse Dolly.


Vix said...

I bloody love those huge orange sunnies, they are AMAZING! The box of afro combs is brilliant, takes me right back to the late Seventies and wet look perms.
Is that mystery item an armlet? It looks like something you'd see a Lamani gyspy wear round her arm.
Love the new mannequin and the frock is a stunner. Do we get to see you in it? x

Vintage Coconut said...

*Ahhh* I would love to snuggle in the faux fur coat in the fall and winter! I have sunnies alot like those orange ones except they are brown. Now that I have my contacts I am gonna wear them out one day. *lol*
That suitcase tower is impressive!
I have not the slightest clue what that is.. but if I had it I would hang it on the wall. =)
The green glass is so so so gorgeous!

Your new mannequin is a cutie I love her outfit.

delia hornbook said...

ooohhhh I adore infact love the last dress that is gorgeous and so is your new mannequin. But that dress OMG its lush. And so is all that green glass wear ;-)) dee x

Nelly said...

I adore that green glass and why not have a comp in naming the new girl?

Helga! said...

Pour me a large martine,will you darl?! ha!
I have no idea what that mystery item is,but I know I've seen one before!
Crazy for those suitcases,covet,covet!!!
OoO,that book from your last post looks amazing!I haven't heard of some of those ladies before,crikey,they're FOXY!

Natasha said...

The Iranian linens are definitely my favourite thing and the dress your new girl is wearing is gorgeous too. Thanks for your lovely comment, you're so right with what you said. It's just the way some people are reacting I suppose. xxx

Lyndel said...

love it all, but the green glass is a fav. I have a kitchen window sill full of it, cant get enough!!
the mystery item? something to do with a camel me thinks??

La Dama said...

I am now craving a big ass martini.
love the suitcasea, I wanna green glass- oh -rama -Mama. The orange sunnies, I picture Vix and Sarita wearing, the new girl is very stylishm love her dress.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Wow! The Martini glasses, the sunnies and the Enid Blyton's for me. I still have my original copy of The Magic Faraway Tree from 1971 xx