Sunday, June 26

Anatomy of a Sunday

Washing some special treasures

Italian chicken soup with breadballs

Sorting lots of vintage buttons

Tofu with sesame seeds

Steam city in the stockroom

Scrummy special pie for tonights dinner

Baskets full of vintage sewing to sort

What have you done this Sunday??

VB says hi!!


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Ah wow, how good does that soup look?

polkadotpeticoat said...

busy girl....lovely images...your just a ball of fun!

Zootsuitmama said...

I worked in the yard and took a shower with my dog Baby! We were both muddy! It was not an experience I want to repeat!!! LOL...I want to know how to make the pie thingy!

Helga! said...

Crikey! I most certainly wasn't THAT industrious!! (Hi back,VB!!!)
My mouth is totally watering at the sight of all that delicious food and special treasures and pretty buttons.......I feel a little ashamed at my laziness! XXX

Vintage Coconut said...

I suddenly have the urge to dress up and eat food! =p

I hope you had a good weekend kitty!
And hello to your precious VB, shes just a freakin doll!!!

DearHelenHartman said...

YUM! And love sorting buttons, it's a tiny little treasure hunt.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hi VB, If you ever get sick of your mum's amaaaaaazing cooking, just send it over my way. K? xoxo

Frocktasia said...

Hiya VB cutiepie!
Kitty, I'm getting quite addicted to getting loads done in a day feels blooming great :)
Well done you for cookin' up not one but three storms in one day...wholesome, good food & the best fuel for little ravers!
The pottery ashtray/pin dish thingy is stamped 'THE LITTLE POTTERY -Australia'...I just really liked the motif, colours & the divine shape...and for a quid, och, I just had to have it ;)
Lot's of love,

La Dama said...

Mmm yes exchange you my peanut butter cheesecake recipe for your scrummy pie. I can tell your a great cook amor.
Your quite the busy mama, i been busy being sickly hot.
Hola, vb, she is the cutest little rascal.

Earl Diablo said...

Food is so important and I’m so glad you know this! x

Vix said...

That tofu looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm definitely going to insist on you cooking that when I come over.
VB gets cuter each time we see her.
Chat soon? Love ya! xxx

Meanqueen said...

Hello, Your photography is absolutely ACE, very artistic shots. And your hair is lovely. Must come here more often, thanks for saying hello on my blog :o)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

You've done well today! Love the pictures and VB is adorable xx