Saturday, May 7

Is It Just Me, Or....?

Do you resent spending money on new stuff too?

When it comes to vintage, I'll happily spend money on things, even though I obviously have access to cheap prices on some things I'll still pay full price for an item I really like. But it's as if new things have become a value-free zone for me for some reason, maybe I've just been looking at vintage for too long!

I've had quite a lovely day today, aside from a horror dentist visit this morning. Because of said visit I had some child-free time to do  shopping and cooking, a rare treat in itself.

Of course there are certain essentials which simply must be bought new, and that's what I had to buy today- things like makeup, socks, shoes, etc.  I bought these 2 pairs of shoes, and while they weren't at all expensive, I nevertheless found myself humming and ha-ing over paying for shoes that I just couldn't see much value in.

they are cute though, aren't they?

And so are these!

 I whipped up a few treats this afternoon, including these yummy marinated chicken tortillas, cooking anything a bit Mexi always makes me think of La Dama, I'd love to have her standing next to me in the kitchen giving me lessons in her cuisine.

Then this spicy beef stew, laden with chilli and fresh vegetables, most of this will be frozen for later. I don't have to cook to please anyone else, so I tend to cook a lot in one day then freeze quite a bit, that way everything is cooked fresh, there is no waste and I only have to cook about 3 days per week.

and fresh strawberries for dessert, that was the easy finish!

What have you done with your Friday??


delia hornbook said...

Looks like you have had a lovely productive day. Love your shoes especially the second pair gorgeous colour. I am the same as you i just can't justify spending on full price stuff plus there is no pleasure in it either. My friday has been taken up with taking my eldest back to hospital for yet more tests while i am in the middle of a full on joint inflammation episode so i can hardly move and its in my hands to, so i spent the afternoon asleep in the deck chair in the garden, then baked some cakes and then did a spot of crochet ;-) Have a great weekend, dee x

La Dama said...

I buy new shoes all the time, that secon pair matches my brown 40's nail polish.awww,you dont need lessons, that marinated chicken tortilla wrap, looks delicious. I would love to eat your food. looks muy rico.
I will try to post some of my mom's recipes while I am home. she makes a similar mini version of your beef stew, mmm served with handmade corn tortillas.
take care amor

Lady Cherry said...

I absolutely resent paying full price for things. If I can go to a charity shop and buy two entire outfits for £30, I resent paying that for one new high street skirt for sure. Of course, there are things that I can't resist every now and then, but generally if I think 'new clothes' I think 'charity shop' or 'e bay', not high street. It has taken away my fear of turning up wearing the same outfit as someone else!

Vintage Vixen said...

I do love a pair of shoes and if I do spot a pair I like I'm forever visiting the shop anxiously awaiting them to reduce them to a price I can afford.
Yours are fab, are you an Australian size 9? That's a Uk7 and the same size as me. xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Kitty don't beat yourself up for buying beautiful new shoes - these are gorgeous and I can't wait to see you wear them. I hate buying new clothes as like you, I'd rather spend the money on some delicious vintage pieces that nobody else has - hehe! Plus the hunt is soooo much fun. I've given up on second hand shoes though - there's no point even trying to look for a decent pair of size 10s as they're usually orthopaedic-looking shoes (no offence intended to anyone, my son wears them, but his look cool). I like how new shoes modernise vintage too. Oh you poor thing with the teeth, I hope you're feeling comfortable. Your food looks La Dama Delish!!! xoxoxoxo

Vintage Coconut said...

I usually buy my new shoes on clearence. Unless I REALLY REALLY want them! But lucky for me I don't like shopping in mall shops or expensive places. I usually buy my shoes from stores like target and walmart. lol

The time when I do buy shoes that are more pricey is when I am purchasing shoes for walking and excercise. Then I actually go to a sports store and buy them.

Helga! said...

freakin' hell,my mouth is watering!! And I've just had lunch! (chille con carne,we must both have been thinking of La Dama!)
I LOATHE spending money on new stuff,except for the kitchen.I don't mind spending on new kitchen ware if I can't get it secondhand,like good pots etc.I find I just can't tolerate shoes that aren't worn in anymore,so I buy then secondhand now.Doesn't stop me drooling,though.I just can;t bear the wearing in phase.I like your first pair best,very funky!!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, thank you for your brilliant and in depth comment on saving money. It is hard but I am determined to do it this time. I have to clear a load of bills that I've ignored - the amount is like a telephone number!

I can't believe the amount you're living on! That's tough but I think I need to stick to a similar budget or I'll get carried away again.

I plan to do the same as you and be much more thrifty with my food shopping, I spend far too much on it and you've reminded me to cook a batch of food this week and freeze it. Yours looks great!

Love the second pair of shoes xx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

PS. I shall go and catch up with frugalincornwall too. Thank you xx