Monday, April 11

Oh Dear...

What a day I am having with blogger! And facebook! Aargh!

I've been trying to fix, revamp and edit bits and pieces.

I want to be feeling all triumphant, like this...(oh and I'll have the eyebrows while I'm at it)

Unfortunately I'm much more like hoo!

The bakelite tutorial below is a re-post from a few months ago which was, umm, not supposed to happen like that.


If any of my lovely readers are particularly good with HTML and blogger, feel free to feel sorry enough for me to give me a shout out :)


La Dama said...

Sorry your having troubles with blogger,I still have the same problema,my post take forever to show up on dashboard.

oh about the Mexican recipes what would you like me to post?
what kinds of foods?
havent really had Mexican maybe a taco here and there.
I am saving my appetite for my Mama's cooking ,I go visit my fam in May.

La Dama said...

You mean fresh salsa verde or hand made tortillas.We are thinking of making tamales when I go back to California.I will post about when we do.I dont make fresh salsa here cause I cant find green tomatillos here,so I order it online in UK.
You need to email me and tell me exactly what, I hate packets too,I love making fresh food. My email is on mi blogger profile.

Nelly said...

Whats happening exactly maybe I can find help have lots of experience with looking for help as you know.Is why I am not game to retouch my site anymore tho want to

delia hornbook said...

aaawww sorry to hear about your day, computers and technology really go over my head so i am the last person to give you advice on these matters. I just think keep saying to yourself "Keep calm and carry on" ;-)) Hope you sort it all soon. dee x

Nelly said...

Dear Kitty I fell asleep at the PC last night I have an appointment this morning when I get back I will do some googling for you and see if we can get that button working,Did you get my email yesterday?

Ruby Rach said...

Hey Kitty, I'm a web developer, if you need any help with HTML, give me a shout!

theoldboathouse said...

I am hopeless when it comes to all things html. Nope it all improves, xx