Monday, April 18

New To The Shop This Week

What's new in the shop this week?? In a nutshell, a big mixture of stuff.

Some of it is more the 'traditional antique shop' kind of item and not usually what we sell, but sometimes we like to broaden our range just a little.

Lets start with some Art Deco celluloid jewellery. This beautiful carved pendant is complete with its original chain.

Currently playing the matchy-matchy game with the big green straw hat. 
I'm sure I'm a product of my generation (or perhaps even the previous generation, LOL), but I can't be doing with this wearing-all-different-colours-together-and-thinking-it-looks-great thing. Am I alone on this???

Seriously though, in the 1950s (and earlier), matchy-matchy was how things were done. In addition, people used to keep things for much longer than the average person does now, thus mixing their eras, so in that sense our displays are in keeeping with times past.

Dolly gets to wear this early celluloid 'ball' necklace. I'm a bit jealous of her- I want to keep this one for myself!

Not as old as its looks suggest, this plastic box purse is 70s or 80s. Never mind, I love the style and the colours and I think it's a winner.

Look at the beautiful moulding and way was this getting left behind!

And it has the three graces embossed into the lid...lovely.

Now for a bit of lustre ware. Remember the Barsony post I did a while ago? This is another little-known Barsony piece, a lustre ware trough vase. Not worth much, so it's lovely to have on hand for collectors.

Braemore pottery 'Dahlia' wall pocket (vase). Braemore is a well-known Australian pottery and very collectable here.

Lots of collectable old tins. (I'm going through a tin 'thing'. Bear with me okay?). The one you see there with the label almost gone, is a 1930s coffee and chicory tin which still has almost all its contents...but I didn't open it!

More tins, Victorian bottles and a Bushells tea jar. People seem to love this crusty stuff!

An enormous Czech crystal bowl, about 15" high. It makes such a fabulous centrepiece, or imagine it as a punch bowl at your next party.

I'm not one for crystal so much but I do love this, I think I'd use it as a fruit bowl next to my Lewbury stuff in the kitchen.

Greek key depression glass footed bowl by Heisey, ca. 20s/30s

Last but not least, a whole lot of old hard cover Enid Blyton and Norman Lindsay books. No matter what their age people love a bit of nostalgia!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Matchy-matchy person here.

Why, do others dress any differently? lol...

Mom loved crystal, but I just haven't been able to love it like she did. It is beautiful tho, isn't it?

DearHelenHartman said...

The necklace and hat make me think ot Audrey Hepburn shopping in Italy wear. The purse... sadly 70s or 80s are truly vintage now, right? Cute.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

One day I'll win the lottery and fly over and buy loads of stuff :o)

In the meantime I'll have to stick to commenting....

Great new stuff, love that hat, wish I was a hat person sadly I'm not. And YES to matching, but then I'm a 50s chick, you wouldn't expect anything less!

delia hornbook said...

You really do find some beautiful things today it has to be the box for me its lovely ;-)) dee x

Vintage Coconut said...

OooOoOo Both necklaces are lovely, and I LOVE THAT Plastic box purse.
Really nice stuff!
I wish I could visit your store.. I would be the annoying lady that would never leave. LOL

La Dama said...

all that pottery, crystals, and hat are so gorgeous. art deco necklaces, I seen at the boot sale,the lady wanted £10 by the time I went back was gone.

Zootsuitmama said...

Whoa! I'll be the wearer of that ball necklace will be a great swimmer!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I ADORE that ball necklace - I have never seen anything like it before! And that gorgeous dahlia wall vase is wonderful too. You know your stuff, Kitty!

Sarah xxx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, they don't make 'em like they used to!

Love the hat, the purse and the depression glass xx