Wednesday, March 9

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Okay so they're not vintage...but sometimes that just doesn't matter, does it?

When it comes to shoes I just like what I like! I've come to know Jeffrey Campbell shoes recently, and as usual there's more than one style I could happily buy if I had a few hundred dollars spare.

When it comes to shoes I usually think bigger is better, I love this unusual style and would love to try them on!

And who says platforms don't go with everything? Not me, thats for sure!

I really love the shoes/boots (what does one call them?) on the right, don't know what I'd wear them with if I had them but that's never stopped me buying things before.

Close enough to red for me! Apparently I had such a thing for red shoes when I was little, I refused to leave the house without wearing red shoes until I was 8 years old.

I love the contrast of leather and suede on these

See? Everything I could ever want all in one shoe!

Images from the latest catalogue, available for download here.


Penny Dreadful said...

I love the same geometric ones that you do. I'm sure they'd look fab with a full-skirted 60ws frock or a 60s mini x

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh, I love every single pair! How fabulous. Platforms do go with everything and make for killer legs. xxx
PS FABULOUS to talk to you and VB this morning. We must do it again, soon!

Sherry Baby said...

Wow!!! I love them all!!!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Love the red ones!

And as I recall, platform shoes are easier to wear than spike heels (it's been that long since I have worn either!).

Helga! said...

I adore the very last ones! This Jeffrey Campbell chap sure does have a great eye for a shoe,though.They're all really rather fabulous!

La Dama said...

ooooh the red ones are my fave.
I also love hight plarforms due to my shortnes in height.
sure,I would love to cook for ya amor!

Vintage Coconut said...

Those surely are some pretty darn cute shoes!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Wow! Kitty, these are gorgeous. I'm not familiar with Jeffrey Campbell but I shall check him out now. I love the first pair and the ones on the right in the third picture down. Amazing xx

VildesVerden said...

I really like the first ones!

Lisa said...

The first pair is SO. CUTE. Like having latticework for your pumps. I could die.

Earl Diablo said...

I dig these shoes, big time!

sacramento said...

I love them, but I would need a pair of crutches to walk, hehehehhe.