Saturday, February 12

A Look Around Sue's Vintage Kitchen

Who doesn't love a good nosey around someone else's house??

Sue has been a collector of various vintage stuff for many years, and has put together some impressive displays.

I've always wanted to show her house off to the unsuspecting, and again she has indulged me by handing over a few pics.

I'm going to show you some of her collections and home decor, not only because it's Sues, but because she has a knack for mixing pieces that you'd never imagine could work together.

Can you tell Sue is a kitchenalia fanatic? Ha! Most all you can see here is either bakelite or enamelware and 1930s. All this stuff is on permanent display, although she has thinned it out a bit and taken some to the shop *gasp*

One of Sue's favourite things to collect is the cream and green Judge Ware enamel. She has quite a bit more than you see in these pics, including every single size of saucepan (displayed on a matching freestanding corner rack), several canister sets, and the original 1930s Judge ware catalogues. Many Judge Ware pieces are unmarked and can be difficult to identify, so the very rare catalogues have proven invaluable.

Sue is a fantastic cook and so uses items from her collection on a daily basis. Ever since she told me to use an enamel roasting dish I've never looked back, they cook a roast so much better than modern pans. The white handle thingy you see on the chain there is an antique cistern handle.

Again you can't quite see them all, but this collection contains every size and shape of enamel jug and ladle ever made. The green bakelite thermos on the far left still functions beautifully, and how rare is the green Cornish ware!

And some dead stuff on the wall too. A small croc, obviously, and an antique tortoise shell to the right. Dead stuff everywhere in this house, I'll show you more tomorrow too- consider youself warned.

In the bathroom, more enamelware, with 2 jug and bowl sets, which I'm told are very hard to find. Hanging up next to the old oar are a pair of 1930s bloomers...these are for display only...she hasn't put on that much weight since the gold jumpsuit!!!

More pics of Sues house in my next post. Hopefully I'll have enough energy for blogging tomorrow. It's been a big week for us, as you know, but I'm pleased to be able to tell you we're dead on track (and dead on our feet!) so far and are thrilled with what we've done. The setup and displays are finished, the cleaning is done, we just have to price everything this week and get ready for the opening. Which of couse begs the obvious question, WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR??!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Wow that looks like a museum, what an amazing collection! I used to have some of that green cornish ware, as with everything, I do wonder where it ever went ha ha!

Vintage Vixen said...

Brilliant! It is like a museum! I have some of that green Cornish ware, too but not on that grand a scale. xxx

DearHelenHartman said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it - am also a kitchenalia fan (fan of all vintage girlie stuff -love holding and preserving the things that women have loved and used in the act of caring for those they loved) Whew, too much love there?
Am new to vintage blogging and still trying to settle into a feel for it all - visiting other blogs is inspiring and intimidating - will be following yours.

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I LOVE her kitchen!!!! I too LOVE vintage kitchen stuff and just loved looking at her collection!!
Thanks for sharing!

Zootsuitmama said...

Not so much my thing, but I do love it! The cream and green colors are great. It's true, these pieces do cook much better than the new junk!

fabriquefantastique said...

Super could you NOT be a great cook there, when every minute would be enjoyable

Vintage Christine said...

Good lord, someone who actually displays all her stuff! I'm sooooo jealous and it all looks wonderful. I especially love the croc in the kitchen idea. Hmmmmm......

Vintage Coconut said...

Omg to make some extra money she should charge vintage lovers 10 dollars for a tour! ahahah
She has a fabulous kitchen!!!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I always dreamed of a jadeite colored Art Deco 1930's kitchen.

And I'd love to display as much as she does, but alas, my kitchen gets so dusty! Oh and it's 1950's.

Not to mention, I think I have ONE enamelware jadite green colored mini pot... lol some display!

I'm jealous of those who have great collections!

Lady Cherry said...

I love the colour range, they all go so well together! It's fab. Not so sure about the bloomers hanging up though hehe xx

delia hornbook said...

O My Goodness and WOW WOW WOW....I still haven't picked my jaw up, what an amazing kitchen and all that wood really sets it off so very well. Wow please tell her she has an amzing collection and a real eye for display..truely inspiring, dee x

Anonymous said...
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Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Love the green Cornish ware. What a fabulous kitchen!

Is Sue single? We should hook her and my friend Lee up! xx