Monday, February 28

Some Very Special Customers.....

Just a quick post today while I'm finishing the second part of the Barsony series. And something different for a change.

People, I'm beginning to realise that Mt Tamborine is wildlife central. I'm still feeling a bit surprised about this, but really I shouldn't be; it is, after all, in the middle of a rainforest national park.

Our shop is no exception, check out the enormous trees. (Stay with me here, I have a point).

We have enormous front and back verandahs, and to attract birds for the international tourists to look at we're putting bird seed out on the back verandah. Sue snapped this pic on the weekend.

So of course the kookas, cheeky monkeys that they are, follow suit.

Can you tell how tame they are!

I wonder if this is the same 3 that I snapped pics of on our opening night? Maybe they're a family.

Another one snapped by Sue during the week. Apparently English tourists in particular are into the bird feeding...don't ask me why this is!

This goanna was seen at Sues place...we saw a bigger one downstairs out the back of the shop a couple of weeks ago, it was at least 7 feet long. They are quite awesome to see in person, regal in fact. But don't worry, they don't attack humans unless you try to grab them or something.

Getting back to the point, well it turns out it was a handy thing that we started the bird feeding.

Sue was at the shop today, quietly minding things, when she heard an almighty bird-type racket being made out the back.

The birds had spotted this snake in one of our trees, and luckily they let Sue know it was there pretty quickly!

While she's partial to the odd snake skin, Sue collects dead stuff, not alive stuff, so she got the back door closed pretty smartly and called the snake catchers. Apparently they got it out of the tree pretty easily and re-released it elsewhere. Phew, I'm glad it wasn't me!

But part of the trade-off for dealing with that kinda stuff..well just look at this sunrise! It was 5am and a perfect 24 degrees when this was taken 2 days this what you wake up to???


Penny Dreadful said...

Eek! Still, he doesn't look like a dangerous one (not that I am a snake expert or anything). The kookas are so cute xx

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Looks like eucalyptus trees and power lines.

YES. That's what I wake up to too!! =D A lot of that here in southern California USA.

The birds are very cool. A flock of escaped green parrots flies around my neighborhood making a big racket.

I guess you can count me as "english", I feed the birds too! Love to have them around.

Sherry Baby said...

We love birds at our home! Well I should say all animals in general! :o) What beautiful photos you take! The birds are just so adorable too!

Vintage Vixen said...

I'm seething with envy! There was a programme about moving to Oz on on friday and when they featured Tambourine Mountain I was squealing with excitement.
I'd love that lizard as a pet, I adore reptiles as much as I do cats. The snake's a beauty too, deadly or not.
Those birds are gorgeous. You're right us Brits are a nation of bird lovers. We travel the word looking at our feathered friends and I always feed our garden critters although they aren't half as exotic or tame as yours. xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

The birds are so sweet and cute!
That snake would have freaked me out entirely!! YIKES IT IS HUGE!

Ruby Rach said...

Ahh it's a carpet python! I think it's a coastal carpet, but I can't be 100% sure. Either way, totally harmless unless it wraps itself around your neck and squeezes! We've got one of em in the loungeroom :)

Lisa said...

Look at those crazy birds! Gorgeous! The snake... well, that's terrifying!

islandgirl said...

I'm also envious! You live in paradise! Gorgeous birds, beautiful sunrises! I hate where I live..Wah!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, I didn't even know what a goanna was. I love animals and those birds are beautiful. I'm going to get a big high up bird feeding table for my garden this year. There is definitely something about English people feeding birds. My dad spends a small fortune feeding all the animals in his garden xx