Thursday, January 27

Take the Pledge...Will You?

I'm talking about the second-hand pledge. This could revolutionise your life!


I resolve to purchase items that are thrifted, swapped or handed down. My aim is to limit my consumption, and in so doing, I intend to shop from second-hand sources first. I pledge to support business that commits to sustainable and smart design. I look first for recycled, vintage and pre-loved goods. I barter and swap when possible, and shop at consignment, thrifts and flea markets when probable.


Now many of my blogging buddies already only/mostly shop second-hand, like I do, so it may be more of an affirmation than a revolution.

But if not, think about the good things YOU can do for the planet, for charities, AND for your wallet! Makes sense, doesn't it?

I invite anyone and everyone to join in! If you have your own blog, please feel free to post about this pledge.

Now before you go thinking I'm being terribly creative and original, I'm not, I got this from young Reva, whose enthusiasm for all things fashion is absolutely infectious. Go check her out!


Missy Vintage said...

Love this! I am now so used to rummaging through charity shops that going into high street shops isn't a much fun. Don't get me wrong I still like primark and dotty p's but I will always look in the charity shops first. I needed a new winter coat and spent months looking for a pre loved one.Ended up getting a £25 one from dorothy perkins but only because I felt like I had given the idea of a 2nd hand one a really good go.

You know when you are a pre loved/vintage convert when......primark prices feel a feel a bit pricey!

delia hornbook said...

This made me smile, i only ever buy from secondhand shops for everything, except my childrens clothes. Its more fun and the things i love ie vintage i wounldn't be able to buy in a normal shop anyway. Brill post, dee x

Mrs Cleaver said...

I rarely buy new ,except maybe underwear:)I always try & buy 2nd hand first & usually only resort to new when i just can't find it 2nd hand.
We had never had a brand new lounge suite,had always bought vintage or 2nd hand but we decided to treat ourselves ,or so we thought,when we moved to a new house & buy a new one.Biggest mistake ever!It is the biggest piece of rubbish & it cost us a lot of money.I have definitely learned my lesson after straying from the 2nd hand path.I am now on the look out for a good vintage lounge to love again:)

Nelly said...

I am an preloved shopper all the way Love this idea

sacramento said...

I took the pledge a long time ago.
Thank you always for your kind comment my angel.

Vintage Vixen said...

I do try and live by this rule (except the occasional foray into the shoe department, bikinis and knickers). xxx

Catherine said...

I haven't bought anything new except shoes, undies and hosiery and kids clothes (hard to find secondhand for 3 year old boys!) for the last 3 years. I'm learning to sew and am trying to find everything secondhand for that too. Love it.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, I absolutely take the pledge. I've rarely bought anything new for years apart from the same as Vix - underwear and sometimes shoes. My whole house is furnished with secondhand stuff xx