Sunday, October 10

Nostalgic Vintage Books

I didn't find much worth buying in my travels this past week, but I did do rather well on vintage books.

Now vintage books aren't usually something I sell, but when I had a large tub full thrust under my nose, all classics with their original dust covers, at a very cheap price, I thought, why not take a few and give them a try?

I have a couple of smallish antique fairs coming up soon, and thought these would appeal to the 50+ age group that attends these types of fairs.

Older women become very nostalgic for their own childhood when they see this type of thing...Cue the classic line I hear over and over at fairs - "Oh IIIIIIIII remember these!!! I used to have one when...."

People love to buy and collect these for their young grand children...its human nature to want to give the best of our experiences to those we love. These are all mid-50s editions, so are exactly the ones that baby boomers would have had during their childhoods.

And hows this classic (?) from 1933, 'Entertaining with Elizabeth Craig'. This woman has an awful lot to say, believe me!

 This Art Deco lounge room illustration is just inside the front cover. I found the grocery shopping very quaint - it says buying pie frills is 'a must'.

And if anyone ever needs to know how to behave when doing a country weekender with the nobs at their country 'hice' with 'the haw-siz and the 'dawgs', then this is the required reading!

Instructions on conducting a 'proper English tea'. I've read on various blogs that people who are vintage lovers 'miss an era they never knew'. And I wonder about that, I really do. Would those people really cope with their behaviour being so regulated??

Etiquette in Colonial 'Inn-jurr'. As it is pronounced by such people as would have followed such rules!

 And specially for those going on a cruise soon, and we won't name names but you know who you are, I've included this page. And NOTE- no bizarre costumes please! Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

Cocktail parties, a 'modern innovation'. Well thank God for that, I say!

This is just part of the contents. Whichever 'member of the aristocracy' penned this tome certainly took their time over it, as it's certainly a comprehensive guide.

On a final note, for those who don't know how to use ebay (strange but true, such people do exist) here's a direct link to my listings.


Straight Talking Mama! said...

I am not one of those people who wishes they lived then and I never was, I think we look back on it with rose tinted glasses! Would I like my pick of fashion & homewares from then? YOu betcha, would I live then, no way!

Mrs Cleaver said...

I love old books ,i have nearly all those childrens books except the Jules Vern .The elizabeth craig one sounds rather interesting,the other one sounds like it would be rather amusing:)

Kitty said...

Quite right Fiona, I wouldn't live then either!

Vintage Vixen said...

You know, I was just squealing to myself "I used to have that" when i spotted Good Wives.
I think I need the etiquette book so I can behave like a proper lady next time I'm in

sacramento said...

You have found real treasures, great!!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

The books are wonderful. The covers (dust jackets) a real bonus.

I have a U.S. Etiquette book from 1947 and I really enjoyed reading it to be honest. I'm sure some would find it oppressive, but I think things like common courtesy has become a dying art these days.

STM is right... I don't know if I would want to live during my era of choice, the 1950's. One blog bemoans on and on about how bad things are today, and how good it was back then. People who are under 30 here in the US forget to do their research on the Cold War, the atomic threat and how can we forget The Missils of October? It was not the "charmed era" some people seem to think, it had it's issues like they all do.

But it would be nice, if people acted just a little nicer to one another these days. =)

Helga! said...

"a wardrobe trunk" would be a joy indeed!! Dang,I'm going to be breahing tose rules of travel ettiquette pretty babdy,as I only intend to take "bizarre costumes"!! Thanks for the heads up,Kitty!MWAH!
I love those old entertaining & ettiquette books-the "good old days"?! I'd be lynched or at least ostracised!

Val said...

Boomers aren't the only ones who love those books...I'm 26, and I think they are just delicious! I guess I'm nostalgic for time in which I never lived. I think I might be bidding on that entertaining book, if I hadn't just spent my bit on an estate sale myself this weekend. But, then again, I have three new hats and some dress clips to show for it!

First time on your blog....enjoyed the visit.