Monday, October 4

Cute Soles for Cute Souls

What a weekend! After a rather punishing 10 hour buying trip on Saturday, I volunteered for more torture on Sunday.

Not that a big buying trip is all punishment- of course it's partly fun, but it's lots of hard work.

On Sunday I had a stall at The Village Markets,  a very fun and funky specialist market devoted solely to emerging designer and vintage fashion. Unfortunately it's an outdoor market and it poured raining. Think back to Fiona's (Straight Talking Mama) nightmare at Twinwood, well, this wasn't as bad but it was well into the ballpark. My shelter, a large umbrella and a gazebo-thingy, simply weren't waterproof enough, then the wind actually snapped my umbrella (it wasn't a lightweight one either) so I had to bin it on the way home.

I've spent all this morning and last night drying out clothing by lying each piece over my oil heaters one by one, towel-drying rings, hairclips and sunglasses and re-writing price tags. NOT FUN.

Never again! I love the market and will do it again but I'll make sure I have really really good shelter next time, like a gazebo with walls.

BUT I did find a funky new shoe designer while I was there, and was so taken with her wares that I'll show them to you too. This is not a promo because I got a freebie, btw, I just like the shoes!

Ames is the name I'm on about here. Check out the website to see the full product range. And how cute is the logo, 'cute soles for cute souls'?? Perfect for a new designer with a funky product range.

This is my favourite style! I'm a major sucker for red shoes and always have been. From the ages of 3 to 8, I wouldn't put on any shoes AT ALL if they weren't red.

I bet a few of my readers could rock this style!

Tess is the lady behind Ames. She designs all the shoes herself and has them made offshore, and while her prices aren't super-cheap, they are bargainous when you consider the exclusivity her shoes offer.

Tess only has 2 pairs made in each of 6 sizes, so on a world scale, I reckon that's pretty exclusive!

I love this style too but my size is already sold out. It's hard to beat a wooden sole I say, and obviously others must agree with me on this.

Anyway go see the Ames website and tell me what you think. There's a facebook link on the home page so you can find out the latest.


Vintage Vixen said...

Good god, those shoes are bloody gorgeous. I adore a wooden sole, too.
What a shame about the drenching, that doesn't sound like much fun. A heavy-duty gazebo or vintage awning would be a great investment. xxx

sacramento said...

Really interesting shoes. You do have an eye for beautiful thing. I know, he, he.

Sam Harvey said...

that is funny, i had a weekend under a tent too! i am happy you made the most of it. i always love getting out and meeting new people. better than reading the paper at home.

Helga! said...

Those forst 2 pairs are to die for!!!
Bugger about the rain.What a pain!!!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oh poor you, I know exactly how you feel! I even felt the pain all over again ;o)