Tuesday, September 7


Tagged by the fabulous Vix, whose blog should be read by all, how could I refuse to indulge the nosy little bugger  human curiosity that lies within us all?

But first, I'd personally like to send out my heartfelt concern and kind wishes for those suffering from the effects of natural disasters in my region.

Obviously the earthquake in Christchurch was a bolt from the blue (no pun intended) and has had devastating consequences for many people. I have to say though, it did bring a smile to my face to see on t.v. a woman standing on the street outside her house, cheering at the arrival of a truck carrying porta-loos. Apparently she was well over using buckets.

A bit closer to home, country Victoria is currently experiencing awful floods. Every river in central Victoria has broken its banks, thousands have been evacuated, and in Wangaratta (A on the map below)the river is at 11 metres and still rising. I forget how lucky I am to live in an insured house, in a city, in a mild climate where it hardly ever rains let alone has disaster-type weather.

And now, on with the post!

1. What is your favourite time of day? Night! I've always been a nightowl, although I'm now more in line with the normal worlds timetable than I ever have been, thanks to VBs presence. Even when I had a 'normal job' it was shiftwork. I've always had a horror of working 9 to 5. Nowadays, evening is the time I can relax, watch the ABC (think BBC), and do lots of computer stuff.

2. Love of my life? Woops, n/a, next!

3. What 3 words would your friends outside the blogging world use to describe you? Intense, dramatic, trustworthy.

4. What country would you like to visit and why? To name just one country is very difficult, but I'd have to say any Scandinavian country, simply because they have always seemed so exotic to me. I'm fascinated by snow (novelty value, you understand, I've only seen it once) and there's lots of great vintage bakelite in Sweden. OOh and those Norweigan skiiers at the last winter Olympics....no ski fan could forget Ole Einar Bjorndalen, he was amazing. I turn into a mad obsessed sports fan during the winter Olympics- it's the only sport I ever watch.

5. What is your favourite dish to cook? Another toughie, as I'm a pretty good cook and like a wide variety of foods. Maybe Thai food from scratch, which I learnt to do on one of my trips to Thailand.

6. Salt or sugar? Sugar every time. Chocolate, to be exact. Actually I love both, and as a typical scorpio I like most foods that are rich and strongly flavoured. I'm a legendary chocolate scoffer- I have never lived down the time when I was 5 years old and was caught standing up on the kitchen bench digging into the jar of Jaffas up in the high cupboard. It was midnight and I was supposed to be in bed. Oh well.

7. What are your must-have make-up or beauty items? No.1, eyebrow pencil, because they are barely visible. No.2, mascara.

8. What are your favourite flowers? Gardenias. I also really like jasmine.

9. What do you think are your worst vices, honestly? A serious internet addiction. My laptop is a third lung!

10. At what time of your life were you happiest and why? Definitely now. I'm the most settled I've ever been, I'm more accepting of myself and am doing something I really enjoy.


Vintage Vixen said...

You do make me laugh! Me, nosy? How could you? Thanks for doing this.
Love your answers, Kitty.I can just picture a VB-lookalike tucking into Jaffas way past bedtime, tut tut. xxx

Zootsuitmama said...

Love number 10- and working reaqlly hard on it! Zootsuitmama

Helga! said...

Skiing?! I never would have guessed!!Hahahaha!
Yep,I'm nosy as hell-I freely admit it!
Isn't Thailand,and Thai food the BEST!?