Wednesday, September 1

My New Baby

I bought a van!

Finally. After some 8 months looking, waiting for car dealer people to find the right one, blah blah blah, I found one at the end of my own street.

Must mean it was meant to be!

And it's almost a vintage van, how cute is that. It's nearly 20 years old, and a Japanese import, so it has all sorts of mod cons that Australian produced cars have never had.

Seriously, I can't tell you how excited I am! Actually I'm about to do another trip to the post office, which I could put off until tomorrow, but I just want to drive it again.

See my little pink flamingo there in the console? That's my little car mascot which will hang from the rear vision mirror. I've had him for nearly 15 years now.

Check out the back, woo hoo! Double carpets, velour seats, tinted windows, curtains, the whole bit. Even though it's so old, I've never had such a luxurious car.

Those greeny-brown things are like thin, covered mattresses. My mother got them for me specially, so that when I cart furniture and filthy vintage stuff around, the van won't get wrecked.

Because basically I'm precious about stuff, you see.

There was this extra seat in the back here, but I took it out this morning, as it was only ever going to get in the way (see below). Nothing comes between me and my vintage (Except VB, occasionally).

The vans first big test comes up this Saturday, when myself, VB, Sue and oldmate drive up to Nambour at stupid o'clock on a buying trip.

Lets hope it goes well!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

great to have a vehicle that WORKS! I hire vans for events as we just don't need one full time but I would prefer a bigger vehicle!

Kitty said...

Fiona, my old car (2 door festiva i.e. fiesta) worked fine but was just way too small. The main way it'll make a difference for me is, not only can I lug any huge bit of furniture home, but also when I do fairs, before I had to get up really early, take VB to her babysitters, come back home, pack the car, then go. Now I can pack the van the day before, get up at a reasonable time, and drop VB off on the way to the fair. Awesome!
I would consider it too expensive to hire a van for a fair, I used to pay someone to help and take a carload of stock home in their car for me.

Vintage Vixen said...

Wow, what a luxurious looking van. Twenty years old is a mere stripling compared to our 40 year old Variant (and probably a lot less trouble). Loving the flamingo and VB is looking at home already. Call me dim but I had no idea the Australians manufactured cars. xxx

Kitty said...

Vix my dear I would never call you dim BUT yes Australia produces most of its own cars. And yes VB is at home already, acutally she's loving it. The first thing she did when we got home with it, was to grab her car blanket and little pillow and make herself a bed in the back. You had to be there I guess, but it was very cute and funny. Is Gilbert the Variant, I wonder? Gilbert doesn't look 40 y.o.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ohhh congrats!! It feels so good to have a "new" car/van, doesn't it? Yours looks lovely, and now you can haul lots of stuff! Yea!

Melzaelf said...

This is such a cute van, I love all those windows the checkred curtains are so lovely and the flooring looks so new!!

Vintage Christine said...

I was just telling hubs the other day (right about when we discovered the '06 Pontiac G6 wouldn't start) that what I really wanted is a van or small SUV since the Pontiac is too small for me and my need to acquire things. Unfortunately, since hubs thinks that's a disease that needs to be cured, my chances of being a vanowner are now pretty much at zero. By the way, did you know your steering wheel is on the wrong side? Ha ha ha!