Thursday, October 24

New WAC Shop-I'm In!!!!

New WAC shop is done- for the moment, anyway.

Focussed on a mixture of vintage childrens and furniture, at the request of the WAC owner.

With just ten days' notice to prepare everything, and plenty else to do, can ya dig I was run off my feet today getting all this stuff in, including carpeting and stencil painting the stars on the LHS wall, in just 4 hours?

It's far from finished, but it's a start!

I have lots more planned, but with VBs school fete tomorrow (for which I have to cook mountains), and VBs 6th birthday party on get the picture.

See you next time I've caught my breath.xx.


Justjen said...

It all looks very inviting, you've done a lovely job.

Anonymous said...

I'm still amazed how quickly you did all of this. You're super women. I'm very excited to see how this all goes for you at the WAC. X