Friday, October 11

All of the Sparkles!!!

Yes, I've got ALL of the sparkles at the moment. All-new stock just in from Europe, these beauties are only available online. Go see my facebook page for full details.

In other exciting news, I have just today accepted the offer of a third space at the WAC (Woolloongabba Antique Centre), which I'll take over in two weeks' time (no I haven't told you about the second one yet-but soon, soon!). So, VBs birthday party, clearing my grandmothers house, a massive vintage clothing sale and two fairs notwithstanding, the next fortnight will surely be a busy one.

Enjoy the eye candy.xx.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear lord you! You're killing me with the green and orange.....AMAZINGGGGGGGG.

Wow a third spot, I want to hear details. He he he but I knew about the second spot. You're a powerhouse , and I'm sure it's going to be wonderfully successful and amazing....much like yourself.

Your fortnight is loaded up like no ones business isn't? I hope VB has a most wonderful birthday party. Please give her big happy birthday love from the kids and us.

Garage sales , clearing grandmas place and a clothing sale.....are you sure you don't need an offsider to kick around with you?

Helga! said...

Blooody HELL, how spectacular are those sparkles!?!! GloriARSE!
A spot at an antique centre?! Frigging AWESOME!
Happiest of Birthdays to sweet VB! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

thorne garnet said...

I just died and went to heaven.

polkadotpeticoat said...

These are lady! Heidi

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

HOLY SMOKES! It's all so amazing!

Bee Dreams said...

Hi, I'm looking for a print of a painting that I grew up with- it's of the JH lynch, Lou Shabner era but I can't find it on either of their catalogues. Is there anyway I can email you the pic or could you look me up on Instagram @beedreams- it's the latest pic? Can anyone help me?? I'm desperate!