Saturday, September 29

New To The Shop This Week- at the WAC

Owl biscuit barrel

So ridiculously much kitsch in at the moment!!!

 The shelves in our weeny WAC space (aka the overflow cupboard) are fairly groaning under the weight of cuteness, kitsch, retro and handy little things.

Here are a few of my favourites.

Made in Japan ceramic watering can, fully works too!

60s blue figural decanter

This is probably my favourite shelf this week. Who can go past a 60s harlequin canister set, a 70s thermos (who remembers these from school netball??), a decor spice set and 70s hanimex desk lamp.

Teapots galore, these two enamel ones have been added this week, we also have about 6 ceramic teapots in stock this week

Windmill sugar bowl

German lustre ware jug

Crustic old tool box

Pair of childrens chairs, bit of work needed, great project for a doting grandfather

 (Trudie: no these are no good for you, or I'd have said).

Caroma stool, for your (table) video game enjoyment

Lovely little 50s dish

Gorgeous old shell

Retro lamps a plenty this week!

And just what might be my favourite newbie of the week? I think it has to be this French enamel house number! This one is a well-made and properly-enamelled repro, but we have a whole stack of AWESOME original French enamel signs, of all sorts, going in to the Tamborine shop next week, woo hoo!

In other joyful news, my terribly fabulous blog post for Vintage Shops Australia is now available for all to see, if you click here. But as I know you're all lazy sods, I'll be reposting it here on my blog soon so you'll be forced to read it, ha ha, but seriously, if you want to know about how to store and care for your vintage clothing, it is actually quite useful.

In even more joyful news!!! Our Tamborine shop will be on tv tomorrow!!! I have no idea what it will look like, or even what/how much they will show (because I wasn't there and actually had nothing to do with it). We are on as part of a feature on the Lindy Charm School, Sue did the whole thing (and yes it was heaps of extra work for her getting the whole shop looking the best it possibly could). If you're local tune in to The Great South East at 5.30 pm Sunday, channel 7.

Last but not least: Is there something (anything?) you'd like to read a tutorial about?  A how-to, perhaps? I have a couple in the pipeline, but I'd like to know what you want to see! Don't be shy, I'm very approachable....just don't ask me about anything modern...I probably have no idea about that!


polkadotpeticoat said...

Oh my goodness I want that owl cookie jar so bad.....and the yellow and green tea pot........This post of all your new finds was just dreamy....I want that owl

Anonymous said...

Who you calling a lazy tart? I read it and you did a most wonderful job on that post. X

The chairs are safe the Big V's to do list is getting long god bless the sweet man lol.

I'm sure I could spam you with some how to / tutorial type post ideas.

Looking forward to seeing th GSE segment tonight. X

Vintage Christine said...

Hey, for a retro girl you're pretty hightech with those barcodes on your stuff! Your shop looks like my shed (or vice versa)--just lots and lots of wonderful things. It's been fun to follow you since I found you right before you opened your shop and it appears you're doing FABULOUSLY WELL! Awhile back you asked if I had a stock of something but I can't remember what it was--was it rhinestone necklaces?

Natasha said...

Thank you for the lovely comment Kitty, and no worries, sometimes being 22 is very stressful! I love the Japanese watering can. xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I absolutely cannot walk past old lamps, what an amazing selection and kitsch cookie jar love lives!!! Missed the GSE segment - probs busy shaggin' - soz, can you put a copy of it on here? feckingluvyabitch!!!! xoxoxoxooxoxoxxo

Vix said...

I love a old school French enamel street sign, I was thrilled to find the real thing with my number on at a boot sale! Gilbert needs some plastic rainbow coloured cannisters for next year's festival season, ours are knackered. x

Sacramento Amate said...

Wonderful finds, my gorgeous Kitty.
Now following you in bloglovin too.
Follow you to the end og the world, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

jean grey said...

Just like the old times. It feels so good to see those photos. I really like it. It's so amazing. Thanks for posting. God bless.

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