Monday, July 9

A Sparkly Silver Saturday, Inside & Out

Saturday was a mini celebration of everything silver and sparkly.

Starting with the shoes, thrifted for cheap and brand new, thanks Sue for finding and buying them for me!!!

Silver lurex tiger-striped tights and new purple whalenets, nothing could go wrong on this day.

Silver crimplene 60s dress on, flowers in place, and VB (the vintage baby, in case you didn't know) and I were ready for some vintage shopping action down at the West End Vintage and Designer Markets.

Suddenly it was a 'Saturday snap' on the flowers, tights and silver sparkles, 'coz look who I ran into, only our fabulous Desiree.

Resplendent in one of her Sassy Vamps headbands, yes she makes them herself don't you know, I can't tell you what a standout these are in person, do yourself a fashionable favour go here and buy one I say!

Despite our best efforts we didn't walk away with much, better to truly love and enjoy fewer things than have a pile of so-so stuff.

All kinds of lovin' going on here

The stylist bought the lovely wee owl cushion she's smooching, isn't it cute?!

I bought these lace gloves, yum they stretch more yum that means they fit me.

Also bought these 2 pairs of wrist warmers, a little bit stretchy, a little bit decorated, and just a little bit hard to take off on these cool evenings of ours!

Greek food treats for lunch!

 My trip to the dentist earlier that morning for the fitting of a permanent metal-reinforced crown (silver and sparkly on the inside, see?) that morning meant I could eat comfortably for the first time in many months.

After 17 months of dentist visits, including crowns, bridges, extractions, a bone graft, small fillings, large fillings, root canals and implants, which have cost me almost a house deposit, I can't tell you what a joy it is to have a mouth full of proper teeth again. I still have a bit more work to go but the worst is done and no visits are needed for at least six months, YAY!!!

See? A sparkly silver Saturday in so many ways!!!


Anonymous said...

What loveliness and fun.
Sue is a doll those shoes are fab. The dress looks gorgeous and it looks as though it fits like a dream. I must say I do rather fancy your gloves.

Regarding your dental work, the saying goes if you don't have your teeth, you don't have your health. Great to hear that you have been working on getting it remedied for yourself. I hope it has you feeling a million bucks.


Thank you for your lovely words, Kitty. It made my day.
I saw the pics before in Desirees.
i hope I can give you a big hug one day.

thorne garnet said...

Note to self: layer big net tights over regular ones, next winter it might be cold enough to do that, It's a great idea. I to am getting an implant, long, $$$ process, but better that going full carney. It's hard to fix your own teeth!

Vix said...

More gorgeous shoes and a quadruple dose of fabulousness in the form of you, Des, the Stylist and VB! How wonderful.
Love your wristlets (I always take mine to festivals, ideal for holding a pint in the evening chill) and the double tights and yes, a Sassy Vamps head band is a wardrobe essential.
Your poor teeth, we Brits may have crap weather, floods and endless grey skies but at least we have the NHS! xxxx

polkadotpeticoat said...

I love your sparkly outfit...and I bet your glad the dentist is over.....lunch looked divine!

Forty Pound Sack said...

You are awesome! Love the finds, and those shoes ~

DearHelenHartman said...

FUN FUN FUN! Love the idea of fishnets over stockings, esp since I tend to, um, plump out of those fishnet holes! You all look terrific.

pastcaring said...

You look fabulous, love the frock, and the shoes, and good to know you are nearing the end of the road with the dentist!
How great to meet up with darling Des and the Stylist. xxxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... lemme paw at those awesome shiny legs again!!! You are simply spectacular from top to shiny toe and all the sparkly bits in-between! The frock you wore was made you, made for you I say!!! Oh what a relief it must feel to be near the end of your dental journey - look at that happy smile:)))). It was amazing to see you and the gorgeous VB - I love squeezing you both so much!!! xxxxxxxx

the old boathouse said...

Love the wrist Warmers! You all look sooo cute. Remind me when I see you I have something in my car for you....just a little something something.xx Katherine

two squirrels said...

Oh silver screen fabulous!!!! The dress and shoes are perfect on you.
Love the fun happy times photo's of you and Miss Desiree.
The poppets are all so cute.
Sorry about the little munchers. Eeeekkkk it's so costly, I have been advoiding going.
It's great you are feeling the relief after the work.
Love v

Bella Q said...

There's a gorgeous on gorgeous pile up, up there. You look smokin' h-o-t-t-e-r-t-h-a-n-a-b-a-r-n-f-i-r-e hot. And that Desiree is such a sassy vamp! xo.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

The shoes! Gorgeous, what a thrift. And VB, Desiree and the stylist all looking great too. Glad your teeth are sorted, nothing worse than constant dentistry problems.

La Dama said...

You sassy centerfold putas!
Those shoes with lurex tights are bewitching me already.
VB and stylist are too adorable.
So glad for you, that dentist shit is over with.