Saturday, March 3

Freakin' Frockin' Friday

Ooh, I've been away-have you missed me?? LOL!

I haven't really been away, just busy with the usual stuff, mostly getting ready for our big vintage fashion fair next week.

 Oh, and being continually out on the hunt for another small ton of vintage treasure, of course.

This is another of the fab maxis Sue bought a few weeks ago...I squeezed into it for your benefit but really it's a bit too small, so it's up at the shop, already for sale, for anyone who is willing and able to check it out in person.

Because, you know, how can a Friday nights vintage outfit NOT include lurex, platforms, and bell sleeves??

The not-quite-boob-shot

I'll be back soon with lots more new treasures to show you..we've found some amazing stuff this past couple of weeks.

Thought of the day; anyone who uses the word 'wenches', is a person I like. I wonder if you feel the same way?


sacramento said...

I always miss you and your wonderful frocks, my dearest Kitty.
Besos and a wonderful weekend.

Annimal House said...

I wish I could wear lurex and platforms everyday!! Cute hair bun and flower!! I don't use wenches (should tho!) but I use wretch a lot!

Vix said...

That dress is gorgeous on you and I love that photo of you smiling, you looking frigging beautiful!
Everyone uses "wench" around here, it's standard Black Country vernacular! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

polkadotpeticoat said...

I better not share on the internet my word of choice, my friend asked if I would stop saying it because she picked it up in her vocabulary now and was flinging it out all over town without realizing it....I had to laugh!

You look freak'n awesome in that dress.....must slow down on consumption...

delia hornbook said...

Gorgeous you have defiently been missed. Look forward to seeing your new old buys ;-) dee x

Anonymous said...

Hubba hubba! You look awesome! I wish I lived nearer I'd love to come to your shop :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

That dress looks amazing on you - damn this boobage!

the old boathouse said...

Yes wench is an excellent word and a category that you and I both would fall into I am sure ha. Your frock is frocktastic...are you guys doing anything special forthe one year anniversary or did I miss it?

Louise said...

Oh that is gorgeous! I love it! Yes, wenches is a great word, when I used to work behind bars I used to refer to myself as a bar wench lol. X

pastcaring said...

Beautiful dress, it looks as though it fits you perfectly Kitty, and I love to see you smiling! You really are a gorgeous WENCH! Not a word I use that often but I think I should!
Looking forward to seeing what treasures you have found. xxxxxxxx

Helga! said...

Work it,baby!! Lovely frock,and I love your smile!
Yay,anyone who uses the word wenches is OK in my book too! WENCH WENCH WENCH!

Vintage Coconut said...

OooOo oOoO oOoo I love the sparkle factor!!
Looking sweet & sassy Kitty.

La Dama said...

I have missed you amor.
You are looking evillicious.
I love the lurex shine.
wenches,biatchs, prostis love all those words.

Bella Q said...

oh lawdy: sizzle sizzle.