Saturday, December 24

Christmas Lights

On Monday night just past VB and I went on a bus tour of Brisbane southside 'Christmas Lights'.

I wonder if you have this phenomenon where you live??

It's basically where random people go all-out to decorate their houses with Christmas lights, and have them turned on every night until 11pm or so, and the public goes to look at them.

They tend to be grouped within a street or 2 of each other, with several houses in each group, although one street we visited had 87 houses lit up, it was really quite something to see.

There is a city-wide competition for the best lights, and these first few pics are from the winners' display.

And talk about a display! Even in person you can barely see the house for the lights, and I read that the people who live there need to take a fortnight off work to set it all up.

 VB checks out the moated train set in the front yard.

They even had dry ice misting over the water...I'm pretty sure these people have thought of everything.

Note the elves in the water.

This display was inside the front windows on the ground floor, it was very crowded so difficult to get a good pic.

This was at the right side of the house.

This house above was the second prize winner, as you can see it was a bit of a nightmare trying to get clear photos. All the pics below are from this house.

These self-opening 'presents' had me gawping, VB had lots of people in stitches when she went right up to them to make them open a bit faster.

In case you didn't know, Santa surfs while he is in Australia...below is his personal beach!

VB wasn't too sure about this idea though!!


Helga! said...

Bloody hell!
I think there's a wee bit of that over on the other side of town.Up the road from us is a huge sleigh etc on top of a garage...that's about as good as I've seen!!
O,I adore your Friday frock!!!SO gorgeous!!!Perfection,even!!
Happy holidays to you and VB!Much LOVE!

Vix said...

I bet VB loved that! There's a craze for this in England, too. Not my thing but you've got to admire the effort and I'd hate to see that electric bill in January!
happy Xmas, Darling! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

La Dama said...

Amazing We have streets like this in our neighborhood in California.
VB must of been in dreamland.
The tamales came out delicious and are going down fast. I might make more tamales.

Clara Turbay said...

Great post.
Happy New year!