Monday, May 16

New To The Shop This Week

Our Art Deco room has had quite the change-around, hasn't it?

If you don't know what it looked like before, check the black and white-themed pic in the sidebar.

We're totally loving this club chair- not to mention the Deco carpet, which I'm told is not yet for sale.

As soon as I saw this upholstery, I knew I recognised it from somewhere- yet I couldn't place it.  So I showed my mother this close-up, and she reminded me that my grandparents had had a lounge suite in this exact fabric....I wonder if this is one of the chairs??

We also came across this set of 1920s wooden snow skis in our travels, they still have the original poles. 

The area around the fireplace (pot belly stove) has been cleared for some winter action too. I've been a right little firebug this past week, it's not too cold yet but I've practising lighting the fire for when it is. We can't expect people to try on clothes in a cold shop!

Sue brought in her own pair of antique snow shoes to complement the display and hung a pair of 1940s leather Canadian ice skates underneath.

Now all we need is the snow!!!

Also new are a selection of vintage cookbooks....some of which I find very funny. (What IS he holding there??)

Several, like this one, just look like appliance guidebooks but in fact they contain a ton of excellent recipes.

This one is nearly 400 pages long- crazy! Perhaps the 50s housewife needed a lot of distraction??

Beautiful ink blotter

This will go to a collector, I'm certain.

Can't you just picture it on someones desk in a movie (unsurprisingly I'm thinking of Brideshead Revisited here), say in a period film?

Lovely mother of pearl inlay on the marble top.

Sue and I are both such suckers for bakelite we just had to have this lidded bowl in the kitchen. We couldn't go past the Deco shape to the lid knob and marbled sides.

Art Deco German bronze, an Aryan athlete doing the Nazi salute.

Deco Czech brass vase, I love this one and will be sad to see it go.

Incongruous to the largely Deco theme of this post- but I love it so it's being shown here regardless- a Thunderbirds book.

I used to love watching the Thunderbirds, it was on at something like 6am on a Sunday morning when I was a little kid. I just wish there was a Miss Penelope style file to go with it, she was ace!


Nelly said...

Oh me oh my Id go nuts in your shop so many things Id like and I have wanted a club lounge for yeras (The Captain doesnt and I could have bought a whole suite in excellent condituon about 4 years back (timber in front and all very art deco) for $100 but didnt and was too late when I went back was worried what he would say I should have just bought it anyway another of my regretful didnt buys.!!
And on your comment I doubt Ill be going anywhere but the hospital where will you be and what time?
LL is taking me now as The captain is sick so I may get to adventure if we get there early enough.We are staying at Ronald Mcdonald house for the night.
Oh and I saw some gorgoeus wood with cane chairs on craigs list in East Brissie you may want to have a look?

DearHelenHartman said...

One glance, my gaze fell on that red phone. Wanted to grab it and hug it. Is that odd? The chair! Someone had one with that fabric in my long ago childhood. How do I know? A distinct memory of my mother yelling at me for rubbing my grubby hands over the fabric. You have such great stuff.

Vintage Vixen said...

What a brilliant emporium, it looks so inviting and cosy unlike the snooty curio centres you come across here.
I recognise that club chair, our elderly neighbour had one when I was little and it had those metal ashtrays strapped to the arms.
Keith Floyd was my hero, I was so sad when he died, such a legend. xxx

Natasha said...
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Natasha said...

That ink blotter is gorgeous, the detail and the birds are lovely and I agree, I can definitely see it in Brideshead Revisited. I'm a sucker for anything with animals on it be it clothes, jewellery or accessories for the home. You've got a really nice blog, and I don't doubt our BBQ was pretty lame, but we've only got a small one so my Mum and I make do. xxx

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I came across a Thunderbirds Viewmaster slide auction and it was selling for quite a bit of money! My late brother used to love watching that show, it seems to have quite a following to this day.

All fine stuff!

Zootsuitmama said...

Love it! Those couches and chairs are so hard to find now! I had one in burgundy but dogs are not kind to upholstery. Kick myself now! I have some deco, but nothing like when I first started collecting!

polkadotpeticoat said...

Love that chair and your shop looks great!
I closed my little antique shop up in December after 9 years I'm so glad to have found your have a great eye and I love your displays!

delia hornbook said...

O WOW please can i live in the Art Deco room? i love it love it love it. That gorgeous armchair ooohhhh its just such a lovely room well done to you all. so many gorgeous things love the ink blotter to so much pretty detail. Have a lovely week, dee x

Marilyn McSweetie said...

Oh No! Has your 1950s dinner table gone?!??! I will have a sook if it has!! :)

Kitty said...

Sook away, young Mazzy, for it has gone :( ...but I can assure you it has gone to a good home. We still have the pink set in the kitchen if you're interested.x.

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh such LOVELIES all around your shop! JEAZ HOW can you not KEEP half of this stuff. I would have such a hard time getting rid if some of the items you have in there.

I think that guy on the cookbook is holding rabbit poo! =O

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

OK after the first pic I'm ready to move in - just fire up that pot-belly first. K? ;)))). I love ... everything. Isn't the Floyd book wonderful? I loved his programs so much. I'm counting down to the GC fair!!! xoxoxoxo

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

The ink blotter is absolutely beautiful and I've fallen in love with the red telephone! xx

Lady Cherry said...

Such a beautiful room. Love it. xx