Tuesday, March 22

Sweating in the Name of...Vintage!

You know that song, 'killing in the name of' ??

 Thats the tune thats been in my head today, but given our shocking humidity these past couple of days, well, I've renamed it!

We have a big fair this coming weekend (read about it here) so of course there's plenty of work to do. Lots of washing, pricing, steaming, and sorting...you get the idea.

Tonight I started doing my practice set-up and it was so hot I literally had to stop and have a stone cold bath to cool down. Then I got out and downed 2 big ice blocks immediately (who remembers Sunnyboys?? they are awesome). Is it just me (or am I really feeling my age now?) because the heat seems to sap my strength these days. I can't wait to get air-con.

But, I digress. Look at some of the lovely little jewellery treasures I'm taking along.

Sterling onyx and marcasite brooch

50s rhinestone sweetheart brooch

Gorgeous red rhinestone 50s brooch
50s rhinestone necklace

And another one- how can a girl have too many of these, I ask you?
I'm taking some really beautiful things along to this fair, more pics tomorrow as I get them sorted. Night-time pics really don't do justice to sparklies, do they.
Oh, just to give you an idea of what I'm grappling with here....and because really we all love to see other peoples houses...

Here's me girl-handling my manni heads in my stockroom. I'm glamorous on the inside....really I am!

Actually this is just one end of my clothing-and-accessory stockroom. (As opposed to the furniture workroom, downstairs). Those racks are 1.6 metres long and hold about 200 garments each. (I have quite a lot more than this though!) The wardrobe-thingy on the right only holds stock for the etsy shop and/or my oldest and most fragile garments, it has a pull-down cover so it keeps things dust-free but well-aired.

The white wardrobe behind the racks holds hats, as do the wig box and hat box atop it. The white boxes on the little table next to it hold accessories, the furry things underneath are a pair of goat skin rugs that will go on ebay soon. All that stuff on the floor isn't usually there, I went up to the shop today and brought it all home to sort out and prepare our displays with. 

Which I'll continue with tomorrow, it's midnight now and I'm tired.

Vintage bye-bye!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ha ha!! Bravo for showing the work room! I love it! And because that's about how I look during the hot southern California USA summers here!

I should do a post on what's in peoples closets, because mine are a mad mess! Too fun!

Good luck with the show, your pieces are lovely!

Vintage Vixen said...

I was singing along to that Rage Against The Machine tune earlier.
Love those mannequin heads and that cheeky peek at you in your shorts.
That sweetheart brooch looks very much like the Irish Claddagh jewellery, the rings are really popular here.
Good luck, I wish I could come and lend a hand. xxx

Helga! said...

ooooooo,let me loose in that there room!!! EEEK!
That jewellery is soooo beautiful,and so classy.Just like me! ha!
Hope the fair goes well,I bet it's a day of much gasbagging,as much as selling!

La Dama said...

That room is full of beutiful treasures, you have lovely jewelry amor.
You need a helper?
Lots of luck hun.

Nelly said...

I am with Helga let me in.I would love to buy some of those heads.Wish me luck finding some.

delia hornbook said...

wow i would love a rummage in that clothes room ;-) Im loving that rhinestone brooch and necklace i adore vintage brooches. good luck with it all, dee x

VildesVerden said...

Killing in the name of is one of my favourite songs. Love the pic with you and the heads in the mirror!Have a wonderful wednesday - Vilde

fabriquefantastique said...

lol...I will send you a piccie of my garage store room when I can dig my way through the snow to the door......good luck at the fair

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Lovely jewellery and your vintage mannequin heads are great! xx