Wednesday, March 16

Oldies But Goodies

A small but quality pile of new (i.e. to us) 30s and 40s magazines arrived in the shop last week, I always love to look through them as I'm sure many of you vintage lovers do.

There are some fabulous 40s and 50s decorating mags too, but being the 50s fan that I am I'll have to give them a post of their own at a later date.

There's always so many things I like about old mags, but this time I was struck by the amount of products that remain as well-known and loved today as they were then (this is from a 1948 mag).

check out the hot nurses uniform and the tiny waist...*sigh*
Pears transparent (baby) soap, my mother used this for years on me then right throught the 80s on my little brother and sister.

Nyal medecines, still around too. This pic reminds me of VB, she's just getting to the doll playing stage but her hair never looks this neat!
Johnsons baby powder, is there anyone that doesn't remember this?!

She must be using it, look at the grin on her guys face!

Dettol, what a classic! Did you know that if you live in a mould-prone area it can be used for washing walls down to prevent mould regrowth? (its better than bleach apparently).

All bran, which obviously has never had a recipe change. In fact it's so dry we could be eating 50 year old boxes of it and we'd likely not know the difference!

Check the blurb for Meds, below...
Don't you just love that the word 'tampon' is nowhere to be seen!

So much more restrained than we are today. *sigh*


DearHelenHartman said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the graphics in these old gems - thanks for sharing. So much more fun to look at than the same bored skinny models who are photo shopped into oblivion.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

The 40's had it's very own charm! The graphics are also quite distinctive... For a while, all I collected were 40's things. =)

Vintage Vixen said...

I get so excited when I find old magazines as I love the adverts, too. Such glamorous images, too.
I've seen Milo on the shelves in India but not in the UK and I've never heard of Meds, anything that makes having a period "merrier" is good by me. xxx

La Dama said...

love old vintage adverts too,how splendid.

Misfits Vintage said...

Love it - I especially love 'Safe. Internal Protection". Also note that the period girl has a CROSSBOW. Truth in advertising?

Sarah xxx

delia hornbook said...

I adore old magazines and can quite happily spend a good few hours on a sunday afternoon reading them, the advertising was so much nicer than today and some how romantic and floaty to. Can't wait to see your 50's ones, dee x

VICKYFF said...
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Vintage Christine said...

They're all great, but what raelly caught my eye are the shoes in the Meds ad. Talk about cute AND comfy! I adore those old ads and mags and snatch them up when I can if they're not too expensive. My 50's Girl Scout catalog is one of my favs.

Helga! said...

Those are amazing! I know all of those products!
No Claytons,though!!!
I rarely spot old mags,what a treat!!

theoldboathouse said...

How funny I just took a whole lot over to the WAC today...more girly mags though then good old home maker mags. I love em too. Just did a blog and mentioned you my dear. Hope you have a great weekend at the shop. Love love that pink dress on your mannequin just Devine! Xx Katherine

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these. I've got a stack of Woman's Own and Woman magazines from the 40s up to the 60s and I just love reading through them. The illustrations are gorgeous! Beautiful dresses as well you've found. Very jealous! Emma