Friday, December 10

A Very Vintage Kind of Christmas

Can you believe I've never had a Christmas tree until now?

I've kinda always relied on my mother to deal with the whole decorating thing, but now that I have my own child it's a different story.

There really is nothing like seeing a little face light up at Christmas time, so as this will be the first Christmas that VB is old enough to be somewhat aware of whats going on, I had to deal with Christmas, parent-style.

So last weekend I went out on the hunt for a tree- preferably a vintage one, of course!

Nabbed this one for $20, a bargain considering it cost $489 new (!). I'm not sure how old it is, maybe 15 or 20 years, I like the fact that it looks fairly real.

Check out these little crocheted ornament thingys. Not sure how old these are either, but they came in a box of vintage Christmas stuff I bought from a deceased estate a few weeks ago.

Now vintage Christmas is not something I collect, but I know its popular with some people, like this lady, whose blog I follow.

These few decorations also came from the vintage box.

I think I got the whole box full for $2. I don't know if these are collectable or much desirable to Christmas collectors, but they're still way nicer than most of the new ornaments in the shops today.

I really like these ones, don't know what they might be called but they attach to a branch with a pipe cleaner thats on the back.

Of course VB got in on the decorating! It was very cute, she doesn't understand the whole Christmas thing just yet, but she definitely knows something is up. She's been very good with the tree so far, she hasn't really touched anything except the glittery ornament below, it seems to be her favourite.


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

awww so sweet!

I have a photo of Mom and my late oldest brother and his second or third (?) Christmas. She put a childproof fence around the tree, and tucked it in a corner so he wouldn't hurt himself lol...

Helga! said...

That last ornament!!We had some of those when I was a kiddie!!! Lovely ornaments,and yep,way better than the tat you get now!! Having a child makes Chrissy much more exciting for sure! Memories,bloody hell.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh that is so gorgeous - little VB decorating her first tree! When I was in Brissy I spent three days searching for a real xmas tree (as I had never had a fake one) and the locals thought I was bonkers - when I finally found a real one, my neighbours were knocking on the door asking if they could come in and look at it!

It must be fun to be experiencing all these 'firsts' with VB. I hope you both have a s gorgeous vintage xmas.

Sarah xxx

delia hornbook said...

Ahh what a beautiful tree and so lovely to see your daughter getting in on the act ;-) Love those decorations vintage ones here are so expensive so well done you. Enjoy your tree and the delight from your daughter. Dee ;-)

Straight Talking Mama! said...

At 47 and 44 respectively OH & I love Christmas and we don't have children, you should see our eyes light up when the tree goes up he he! It's today and we'll be happy happy people :o) Love your tree!

Mrs Cleaver said...

Great tree & VB is so sweet!!We had decorations like that when i was a kid.I saw a bag of old chrissie decorations at the salvos the other day ,i thought about getting them but decided not too (for some odd reason)i wish i had now.