Monday, July 26

My 'New' Kitchen

As promised, I'll now show you a bit of my new house, starting with the kitchen. How excitement. I hope you think it's as cute as I do. Above is the door from the loungeroom into the kitchen. This is an Art Deco house, Queensland style, and is almost completely original. While the doors are solid timber with these inlaid panels, the fretwork above the door ensures there's no soundproofing at all.

This what you see when you open the door.

The kitchen sink. The atomic ball thingy you've seen before. I'm mixing eras big time by putting it here, but it matches pretty well colour-wise and it needs to be out of VBs reach. The spice canisters are 1940s bakelite and made in Australia. I only bought this set a few weeks ago, and was overjoyed to find such a pristine example in my kitchenware collecting colour, blue. Now I'm on the hunt for a matching set of full size canisters, which is why there's still space up there.

Freestanding cabinet. Note that the wall behind it is fibro - its the only fibro wall in the house and would be a later addition. The bathroom is directly behind this wall and was made from part of the kitchen, as these houses were built with no bathrooms and outdoor lavatories. Probably done post-war and on the cheap, because if you look at the outside of the house, on the far side of the bathroom, you can see the original tin cooking hutch which housed the stove.
Some of my Lewbury collection is displayed here, along with my only piece (so far) of Whitefriars glass. I so want more Whitefriars!
Another Lewbury dish on the other side, which currently holds a 50s polka dot Czech glass decanter set. Yes, I drink port. Stop ya laughin!

View from the corner window. Just to show you the fab tongue-in-groove timber walls and ceiling. The whole house is like this, except for that one fibro wall I just mentioned. I'm not mad on the lino, but at least someone's done a tasteful paint job.
Art Deco bakelite bread box, a gift from my friend Sue. I'm thrilled with this, it matches so well. Thats my 70s tooled leather everyday handbag there too. Another thing that needs to be kept away from little hands, so thats where it lives.
 Kitchen dresser with leadlighting and glass door handles. Love this! Underneath 50 thousand layers of paint it's a beautiful old Australian pine.
I've put some 50s and 50s-themed stuff on top. I'm just loving being able to display my favourite stuff, woo hoo!
So do you like my kitchen or what?! Tell me, is it much different from any house you've lived in?


Vintage Vixen said...

I adore your kitchen, Kitty! I love everything about it.
All my past houses have been old and each different in style, the only thing in common is that there's never been a fitted kitchen 'cos I hate them.
Can I come and quaff some port with you?

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh it's adorable!

Clean and fresh colors, open (visual) spaces and just enough charm to make me want to sit and have coffee with you all afternoon lol... =)

The Lewbury is amazing...

Vintage Christine said...

I lived in San Francisco in the 70's and had a little cottage tucked away behind a real estate office and it looked very much like your sweet abode. I love the wall color--very soothing. My mother had a cookie jar very similar to your apple jar!

Helga! said...

I love port too!
Your home so far looks lovely!!So pretty and very original!I've never lived in a house like that,I don't remember houses like that in NSW.I grew up an an old,old tin roofed place in the country.Our house was built in 1924,I think,but is very much the Kiwi version of a "Californian Bungalow"!!!

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. All are welcome for drinkies anytime :) As far as I know these houses are only found in QLD, but given Chris' comment thats likely not the case.

Anonymous said...

Lovely kitchen! I am looking to redo mine in a 50's "vacation cabin" look...any ideas??

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Pick a colour scheme and stick to it. My kitchen, even though I didn't paint it, is a good example. There's 2 basic colours, the cream and green, then a third minor colour, blue, which give accents and draws the eye. I like hanging things a bit too- ideally I'd have a few small things hanging from underneath the cupboards above the sink. I'd also choose to have a 'feature display area' up on a wall too. Because there's always a lovely collection of something to display, isn't there? :) But sticking fairly rigidly to a colour and style scheme is the main thing as it creates the illusion of space and the overall look will 'flow'.