Tuesday, July 20

60s Satin Dress-Test Run

I bought this 60s embroidered satin mini at the height of last summer, and still haven't worn it.
Largely because it's been far too hot until now - thick vintage satin is just not an option in summer here. I love the silver thread of the embroidery.
I bought one of those hair doughnut thingys and did a big bun with a hair flower.  Next time the bun will need to be further forward!
I've had my seamstress pull the dress apart and re-sew it, because the thread it was sewn with made it too itchy for me to wear. Hence todays 'test run'. I'm thinking I might wear this at next weekends vintage fashion


Vintage Vixen said...

Lady, you look hot!! Seriously gorgeous frock there, my girl, and it fits to perfection. Wear that next weekend and you'll have the huyers flocking to your stall wanting to look as fabulous as you. Vix xxx
PS Your eyebrows are amazing, the shape is sensational!

Vintage Christine said...

Fabulous dress but honey, you need to smile!!!!

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Thanks Vix!

I do look a bit serious but I don't feel that way!

Helga! said...

Phwoar,those are some hot legs there!!!Pretty frock!Yay for donuts!Although I love my bumpit more!I agree with Vix,if you wear that next week you'll have punters crawling all over you!