Saturday, June 12

Mid-Century Inspirations

I know there's a lot of people out there who are in the midst of decorating and renovating their mid-century homes, so I thought I'd give you some inspiration, along with some commentary/anecdotes of my own.

First up-fringing. Who knew it was a decorator idea in 1958? Not me.

But a black and white bathroom curtain thats too short with a chunky fringe?? Hello!

This classy couple are apparently wearing 'clothes for busy people'. Umm, okay....

These first 3 photos are from this mag, 'English Woman'.

A couple of weeks ago I had the rare chance to attend my own private estate sale. Well, almost. I got there to find that a friend who owns a vintage clothing store had already beaten me to an entire vanload of vintage clothing. I could have cried. But thats ok, he's a nice guy. And I still left with a lot of stuff. Including this little winner, a 1964 Trittons furniture catalogue.

I almost high-fived myself with excitement. Really. As a person who not only loves this stuff but sells a bit of it too, these mags and catalogues are an invaluable resource in more ways than one. And its opened my eyes on a couple of scores too-see the mirror wall box below? I had no idea these were still being produced so late. I bought one of these recently, it stunning, but I'll share it with you at a later date.


Chenille is not for me. But for people like miz fifties fever, I know it's a big thing. And my great-grandmother, who was alive until I was 15, totally loved it.

Couldn't do this post without showing the ubiquitous 'chrome kitchen suite'. But have you EVER seen a giant one? I haven't. I should think they are very rare here now, as there would have been less of these produced. And they came with 8 chairs rather 4 or 6.

And I always thought these patio sets were 50s-only, but obviously not. If bought from a shop, here, you'd pay a good $600 for one of these sets in top condition.

This last mag ties for first place with the Trittons catalogue. Both are full of 'fresh decorator ideas'. Check out the lamp on the coffee table with the white wire base. And I've put this last photo in twice by mistake. Oh well, I'm a newbie!

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Ruby Rach said...

Thanks for the mention! I love the ad for the gleaming chrome kitchen suites!