Tuesday, June 14

Nick-Nacks and Gifts...

I went on a little outing today, and thought I'd share with you a few things that caught my eye. It seems that no matter where I go I somehow always find stuff to look at!

I've been working my butt off these past few days cleaning and pricing new stock for the shop, I'm taking a small motherlode up with me this week so I'll take lots of pics for you once everything is in place- I can't wait to show you some of the awesome new stuff we have!

VB took quite a shine to this pair of retro childrens chairs but at $260 each, well, I had to say no.

Great retro child pictures, no prizes for guessing who'll like these!

Speaking of stuff, look at this lovely parcel of goodies Helga! sent me!

I got a silk top, funky necklace, very retro tablecloth and toiletries bag, some lovely linens and a fabulous maxi which I'll be showing you soon. Thank you darling!

Lets all give a big supportive hug to Helga; in case you hadn't heard, Christchurch has had more awful earthquakes in the past few days and lots of people there are suffering more than ever, let's hope and pray it all stops soon.

I  finally managed to get a picture of this set of vintage Xmas bells Vix sent me recently, aren't they gorgeous?!

I had to wait until VB was asleep in the daytime, she loves these a bit too much for comfort, I'm worried she'll break them so I've had to hide them away for now. Hopefully in 6 months' time she'll be that little bit more grown up (enough to be happy to help me put them on the Xmas tree) and won't be wanting to run off with them and hide them in her toybox like she does at the moment.

And finally, the lovely La Dama has passed the Liebster Blog award on to little old me! Thanks sweetie! I'm passing it on to a brand new blogger who I predict is going to be very popular, Ms. Lucky. Go check her out now!



Helga! said...

Darling,so pleased the parcel arrived safely! Am looking forward to seeing you in that maxi,the green shall compliment your skintone beautifully!
LOVE those little chairs,AND the bubble chair-if that's what they are called!And that vase is gorgeous! Nice to look at pretty frivolities.....XXX we's doing ok here,Mother Nature is saving us some expensive demolition costs!!

delia hornbook said...

ooohhh love those pictures i keep looking for some more i have my little girl and poodles but i just love the big eyes and sense of fun. Loving the bubble chair and with the black and white floor it looks ace and wow that black and yellow jug is amazing. You have some great stock ;-)) Lovely parcel enjoy it all. I will pop over to La Dama, have a great day, dee x

Zootsuitmama said...

I have some of those big eyed pix somewhere, guess I'll have to dig them out! All your stuff is great, but I really love those bells! So unique.

Nelly said...

Ohhh I must visit your shop one day save some size 12 dresses for em when I do lol

Vintage Vixen said...

Creepy kiddies, my favourite!!
That egg chair is gorgeous, I've always fancied one of those beasts.
Those retro kiddies chairs remind me of a BBC antique programme recently. The dealer bought a three piece set (including the sofa) for £50 and sold it to an up-market Brighton-based cafe for dogs to sit on. xxx

Kitty said...

Everyone- just to be clear, this is not my shop NOR my stock! Just stuff that I saw elsewhere and liked.

Nelly- you'll have to come down for a fair one day, they are the best shopping.

Vix- for dogs???! Eek! I'm determined to get one of those chairs for myself one day too, they are worth about $3000 here unfortunately...so it's a long-term goal!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I agree the bells are so charming!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

oooooh what luverly pressies darl! I love how Helga's gifts are colour co-ordinated - I can't wait to see you in the skirt too!! Xmas bells - my god, how old do you think they are? They're amazing!! You're an anniversary girl too? That's so exciting - it was Citizen Rosebud's over the weekend too! xoxoxoxo

Vintage Coconut said...

AHHHHH that lovely egg chair ahhhh ahhhh ahhh it is so gorgoues I can hardly contain myself!

Little VB looks so cute testing out those chairs. *hehehe* Better get someone to make her a reproduction!

Mymy what lovely gifts you got! Your one lucky Kitty! ;)

La Dama said...

you always have a good eye for pretty vintage stuff. love the cute red chair, but ay, at that price.I will let you know if I want to sell the necklace,want to take pictures with it first.VB is a cutey she has your beautiful hair.Heligitas is the best. those christmas bells are adorable.I know what you mean my niece loves playing with all the figurines back home.

La Dama said...

Your very welcome,you totally deserve the award amor.

DearHelenHartman said...

I adore the black vase and those funky little ornaments are wonderful.

Lucky O'Day said...

Ohhh, wowwee!! I can't thank you enough for the Liebster blog award, that's so kind of you!
It's so nice to have people within the blogging community acknowledge one another.
So again, thank you!! I'm rushing off to blog about it right NOW :)

Lucky xo

Young at Heart said...

ooh I want those Christmas decorations...fabulous treasures!!