Wednesday, March 30

Just Call Me a Saint & Be Done With It

Aargh, what a day!

Lots of running around, boring shopping (food), interesting shopping (vintage), tedious errands and cooking. Not to mention a couple of tantrums for good measure!

The start of the saintliness, you understand, was dressing up properly for all 3 days of the fair. This is the first night outfit, I'm still waiting on pics of the rest.

Do you like my new dress??
worn with cutoff gloves coz gloves never fit me

I added the brooch which was a gift from Helga!.

Blurry pic courtesy of Sue! Or it could just be me melting in the heat; it was only 28 or so but no fans or air-con and lots of people equals meltdown me.

quirky badges for the sellers to wear...they come up with something different every time, it's so cute.

Tonights halo-worthy activities included lots of cooking.

I seldom blog about food but tonight I'm making an exception. My grandmother hasn't been too good lately so I made a few special treats for her.

First a spicy sausage casserole, then a mint and lemon sorbet. I make everything from scratch with fresh ingredients, I'm from good migrant stock and it's the way we've always cooked. I firmly believe it provides better nutrition and a longer life.
Then, using a recipe from the lovely Froogs (oh, you don't know Froogs? Go check her blog out, she's an amazing lady) I made Cornish pastys.

Inside is onion, sweet potato, swede, potato and good quality steak.

Ready to go in the oven! I even managed to make the pastry fairly well, not bad for my first attempt.

Et voila! They turned out perfectly. 5 hours later the cooking is all done. Its 2am as I write and the blogging is now done.

See? Just call me a saint and be done with it.


Vintage Vixen said...

Cornish pasties in Queensland! Who'd have thought it.
Love that dress on you, it's a fabulous colour and fit, you look like a Grecian goddess. xxx

Kitty said...

Vix, not as uncommon as you might think, they used to be as common as pies and sausage rolls when I was a kid. And don't forget, about every third person here has either an English, Scottish or at least Irish grandparent.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I was just going to say, Cornish pasties?!!! But now I see.

I do love you in that dress you look fabulous, the colour and style really do suit you!

La Dama said...

You look amazing in that dress, love the blue and gold combination. cute badges.
mmmm I love cornish pasties.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Can you ship a cornish pastie to the USA for me? lol... Just kidding ;)

Oh the badges are adorable! Very clever!

Vintage gloves are almost always too small for me too, and my hands are not big!

delia hornbook said...

You look stunning in that dress its gorgeous what a beautiful shade of blue and love the brooch to a lovely touch. I love the sound of mint and lemon sorbet, hope your grandmother gets well soon.dee x

Helga! said...

Saint Kitty!
That pastie looks divine!!! I haven't had one in years...
I love your new frock!! Great colour on you!The brooch looks fab with it!

Tracey said...

Your outfit looks delightful, as does your delicious food!
I love your brooch - it adds just the right touch! :)

Frugal Queen said...

Hello Kitty! (been dying to say that!) I stood up and sung 'Trelawny' when I saw those pasties - as we say in Cornwall - Proper job! and the dress!! I have vintage envy - you look lovely xx

Kitty said...

Thanks Froogs!! Am just now eating a cold pastie for lunch, yum!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, the blue dress is fabulous on you. And those Cornish pasties look great! xx